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Bush to veto hate crimes bill?

Filed By Bil Browning | May 04, 2007 11:54 AM | comments

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Just sent in from a reader...

A tip for you, don't know if you heard this. I was flipping radio stations in my commute home from work last night when I landed on Christian radio. (The show was called Prime Time Live, I think. Anyway, I always time how long it takes for anti-gay topics to come up on Christian radio, and within a few minutes, sure enough, it was there as it always is.)

Rep. Mike Pence was interviewed about Hate Crimes. He said he was in a meeting with the President earlier in the day, and the President promised to veto hate crimes if it lands on his desk. Pence also said that there were not enough votes to override a veto.

I haven't seen discussion of a pending Presidential veto, probably because this still has to pass the Senate.

Anyone know anything about this? I'd seen a few rumors out there earlier this week that BushCo might use his veto power, but nothing concrete.

We've seen how often Bush will pander to the religious right and how often he likes to use propaganda and lies to advance their fundamentalist political agenda. Will he do it this time too?

Let's reflect on the greatness that is Bush's veto history:

  1. Kill research funding that might cure diseases because of religious beliefs.
  2. Kill war funding because it says we should leave Iraq.
  3. Kill hate crimes because it's okay to attack the LGBT community?

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I have the AP link on the post above. (I didn't see that you posted this while I was writing the one above, honest!) The official White House veto threat is here in pdf. He says it's Constitutionally questionable. Because that's what this admin is, a bunch of constitutional scholars.

"Because that's what this admin is, a bunch of constitutional scholars."
No shit. Suddenly now they're interested in the Constitution. How convenient, eh?

166 Republicans and 14 Democrats vote to not add gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability to existing hate crimes laws. Secret Service extends protection to Barack Obama, the earliest ever for a Presidential candidate. Ah, the irony ...