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Today's e-mail brought in a few nice e-mails about the site. I thought I'd share a couple of them with the readers. If you want to send us e-mail about the site, tips on stories we should cover, compliments or criticisms, let our editors hear about it.


Just want to say you've got a great website, just discovered it today through stumbleupon toolbar. I especially like the Jerry Falwell bit!

Take care,



I became a fan of your site during consideration of the Indiana anti-gay marriage amendment, but also enjoyed the postings from Indiana congressmen voting against the hate crimes bill. To reinforce the message that one blogger had regarding why these congressmen voted against, i.e. They heard far more from conservatives opposed, today the Family Research Council has a legislative alert asking Indiana citizens to contact Donnelly and Ellsworth to thank them for their vote (see below). Just FYI. I wish your site continued growth and visibility!

Mitch XXX
Washington DC

(For the copy of the FRC action alert Mitch sent our way, look after the jump...)

From the Family Research Council website, May 16, 2007

Last week, Congress passed H.R. 1592, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, by a vote of 237-180. This law, opposed by the Family Research Council, will make violent crimes prosecutable as "hate crimes" as long as the victim
is "perceived" to be a member of a group that Congress itself identifies.

This legislation poses a threat to free speech and religious liberties. Although proponents of the bill solemnly declare religious leaders are not a target - the slippery slope begins here. There have been examples of Christians who have already been prosecuted under 'thought crime laws' for peacefully expressing disapproval of homosexual behavior in Sweden, England, Canada and even Philadelphia. Additionally the legislation would establish an unjust system where victims are treated differently based on the "actual or perceived" class or group with which they identify. Such laws do not equally protect citizens.

Call Congressman Donnelly at 202-225-3915 and Congressman Ellsworth at 202-225-4636 and express your appreciation for their vote opposing HR 1592. Inform them their opposition to this bill will help maintain a Presidential veto. Such a veto will send a strong message that citizens in this country want criminal action punished but object to punishing people for their thoughts.

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