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Hey Hillary! Once you go Black...

Filed By Storm Bear | May 18, 2007 8:00 AM | comments

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Remember back in March when Hillary went to Selma, Alabama?

During Hillary's Selma speech, she performed a rendition from James Cleveland's hymn "I don't feel noways tired." When I first heard the piece, it was on Rush Limbaugh's show. The accent sounded so atrocious and fake, I thought it was a satire piece from Limbaugh's production staff - it almost sounded like Whoopie Goldberg in A Color Purple. It wasn't until later when I realized, it was a real recording.

Holy crap! It was like she was trying out for Spielberg. It wasn't a Southern accent, I can detect those, this sounded to me like a slave accent.

Yes, I know Hillary spent 17 long years in Arkansas, but surely, she would have a passable Southern accent by now. Ya know?

We have two new characters you folks might not have seen before.

News Babe. This breast augmented talking head for the WTF News Network gets all the stories that's fit to broadcast from Dobson. At least we THINK it is her head that speaks to us.

Mrs. Gris-Gris. Displaced by Katrina and scooped up by FEMA, Mrs. Gris-Gris lives in the FEMA trailer park outside of Dobson. In an effort to make some money, she has put out a shingle for her VooDoo services. After settling down in Dobson, she became the prime traget of the UFO cult that sprung up in town. It was her skillful use of a third-eye jock strap that saved the day.

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A. J. Lopp | May 18, 2007 11:02 AM

Obviously, proper-thinking white people have an identity crisis when it comes to our genuine attempts to show that we support / sympathize / empathize with black people, appreciate the best offerings of their culture, and care about their plights.

If we use "the handshake" the black guys poke fun at us for "trying to be black." If we assume a black accent during a performance of a poem or prose piece by an African-American artist, we are taken to be making fun of them instead of being willing to become one of them.

If we don't donate money, we are ignoring their poverty. If we do offer to donate money, then we are dis-empowering them by "giving them a hand-out."

I care about my black brothers and sisters, but I am frustrated when they put me and other white people into a situation where we can't do anything right, where we are perceived as "wrong" no matter what we do.

If Hillary's fake black accent sucks ... well, that's a different issue. Maybe she needs to ask Whoopi or Jamie Foxx to give her acting lessons.

the original lyric is written in dialect. she was trying to recite it correctly, the same way one must adopt a fake scottish brogue when reciting robert burns. so what if her fake accent is bad?

i'm not sure what disappoints me more about this strip: that it's repeating a rush limbaugh smear, or that the right-wing smear you're repeating is two months old! got any mike dukakis jokes?

I should explain a little bit for Stallio and other reader's:

Some of the strips that Storm is running are older strips from his own site. It's to introduce us to the characters that live in Dobson. Hence, the age of the strip - it's not a current strip.

You'll also notice that the news department "reporting" the story is from WTF News - a takeoff on FOX news.

And, no matter what, you have to admit that Hillary sounded stupid doing the black southern accent. She just did. :(

The accent did sound mocking, regardless of the speaking style to be used. And you folks probably don't know this, but I am White and my wife is Black. The punch line was the first thing she said when she saw Hillary on TV. I laughed my butt off.

Bruce Parker | May 18, 2007 7:29 PM

Well, I don't think the accent sounded mocking and in some sense agree with A.J. Loop's assertation that its really a catch 22 in some ways. However, A.J. using a handshake or for that matter listening to "black music" doesn't ever allow you to become black. Overall that just seems like a weird thing to try to do anyway. Empathy and social action are possible without becoming those we are caring/acting for. It would be pretty funny if PFLAG parents thought they had to become gay in order to support and advocate for gay issues.

A. J. Lopp | May 21, 2007 5:19 PM

I hope it is obvious that I did not mean "become black" in any literal sense. Maybe I should have worded my post "being willing to become one of them for the sake of performing African-American art."

No, Bruce, your point is well taken --- we are all stuck with the genome we are born with (for the most part) and I am stuck with my highly sunburn-able pale white skin, and the rest of my anthropologically northern European genome, whether I choose to hang with the boyz in the 'hood or not.

So, without putting down anyone else, I might as well like it, huh?