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I recently asked a devout Christian Fundamentalist about this dichotomy of Christ's teachings of peace and love plus the Biblical Commandment of Thou Shalt Not Kill. What I got in return was a 5 minute explanation that had no root in revealed scripture - it was all "interpretation."

This is what the last Bush sycophants are now spouting - interpretation. They take a reasonable question, "why is the debt so high" and out comes a long-assed answer that has no relevance to reality, has no basis in real world numbers and totally discounts real honest-to-god economists. This is the same old strategy from the GOP - keep talking so we can never ask the rebuttal.

So very typical.

Today we have a new character to introduce - Herbal the Herbalist.

Moonshining is so last year. In the fine Yadkin Valley tradition of recreational substances, Herbal grows the finest marijuana in town. People from miles around come to Dobson to buy some of that Yadkin Valley Punge. He loves 4:20, conspiracies and all things hippie.

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