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Memorial Day Open Thread

Filed By Alex Blaze | May 28, 2007 8:41 AM | comments

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I'm not going to be posting today (or at least I'll try to stay away from my computer) because not only is it Memorial Day, it's also my birthday! I hope to get way drunk or have a fun night with a cute boy, whichever happens first. But I might just end up playing Scrabble with my dad since it's a school night for everyone else. Either way, I'm taking the day off and making this a three-day blog weekend.

So question: how are you spending your Monday off? Do you get today off? If you want to complain about how you have to work today, then please go right ahead.

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I'm spending the day in mourning -- Match Game icon Charles Nelson Reilly died Friday. I'll be watching my Match Game DVDs, drinking scotch-and-sodas and smoking while coming up with amusing fill-in-the-blank vignettes.

Happy Birthday, my friend. As you know mine was a few days ago so you're in good company, astrologically speaking. :-)

Scott, look for a post about CNR tomorrow (when most readers will come back to the site!).

Abdul, This is Alex's post and not mine. :) I know when your birthday is, but I doubt that he does. *grins* But now that you mention it, I can see the two of you having the same birth signs...

So far we haven't done much for the holiday. We slept in and had fast food for lunch. We're getting caught up on some projects and the kiddo is watching TV for a while.