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What does it mean to be patriotic?

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It means to never question our Dear Leader.

It means to worship Dear Leader as a god because he talks to God on a daily basis.

It means to buy, buy, buy and not care about global warming or over consumption.

It means to always agree with the Republicans because everyone knows Democrats are really French in disguise.

It means to run up your personal debt to the point that you will never pay it off in your lifetime, but that's OK because your children's children's children will be paying the national debt we've incurred.

It means to support the war because these people are different and we can't have them "differenting" up the world.

It means being proud when we lock up and throw away the key for those whom "the decider" decides are enemies - even if they are your neighbor or even family.

It means never believing that science can fix anything that prayer and a Bible verse won't fix.

It means blaming them queers for everything wrong with society...And if it's not the queers, it's those Frenchy Democrats enabling the queers.

Did I miss any? Help me out LCR folks...

It means to always question the rhetoric mentioned above!

I wrote this question when I was thinking about what made me patriotic, or, more specifically, proud to be a part of a loose cultural groups known as Americans. It centers around our intellectual and cultural achievements for me. I think it's pretty cool to be from the same country as Laurie Anderson or Toni Morrison.