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Navy re-admits gay sailor

Filed By Bil Browning | May 07, 2007 10:28 PM | comments

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Did I miss the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell? While the Congresscritters are busy arguing amongst themselves about whether or not we're fit to serve, it appears that the Navy has taken matters into their own hands.

On his wedding night in July 2004, then-Petty Officer 3rd Class Jason Knight finally accepted a truth he had fought against for years: he was gay.

Almost immediately, he moved to get his marriage annulled. He apologized to the woman he'd married. And when it came time to explain his changing circumstances to the Navy, he left nothing out. Under the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, he was quickly discharged from the service.

But now -- whether through a clerical oversight or what some claim is an unwritten change in policy to keep more gay servicemembers in the ranks at a time of war -- Jason Knight is back on active duty.

Since promoted to petty officer second class, Knight is finishing a scheduled one-year tour in Kuwait with Naval Customs Battalion Bravo. And, already kicked out of the Navy once, he sees no need to hide his sexual orientation.

So maybe someone needs to send John McCain a telegram. The World's Worst Presidential Candidate recently announced his support of the discriminatory policy.

So what the hell is happening with the sailor? Do you think it's just a mistake and eventually the poor guy will get pitched out on his ear (again?) Maybe the Navy is trying to say it's a non-issue? I mean, they can't really claim that they don't know he's gay since they kicked him out for it last time... And, since the headline of the article in the military newspaper, Stars and Stripes, is "Discharged gay sailor is called back to active duty," so it's not like they can say it was a secret...

I said at the beginning of the war that it would be the end of DADT. Once straight people had started dying sufficiently enough to drop the recruiting rates, you'll see the Joint Chiefs welcoming gays and lesbians with open arms as long as they don't demand body armor... So do you think it's because they're running out of meat for the machine?

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No, Bil. This is Navy culture fighting back. If broadway's taught me anything about the Navy, it's that it's filled with hot, in-shape men who love a good song and dance number. And if "literature" has taught me anything about sailors, it's that there's a whole lot of anal going on to pass the time. This is the part of Navy culture that's been stifled ever since the butcher Army's been forcing people out for their sexuality and then DADT got put in place. Now the Navy's had enough, and it's back to the old times.

Gee, I thought you'd know that anal is key to good sailing. After all, the Village People wrote a song about serving your fellow man in the Navy....

Actually, the whole thing reminds me of the scene in the South Park movie where the old white general describes the "get behind the darkies" plan (my favorite part of that scene is when Chef leads the men to all duck and says "get behind the darkies my @$$").

I'm sure in their eyes it's always prudent to put societies "least" in harms way.