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Filed By Alex Blaze | May 03, 2007 6:52 PM | comments

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Ugh. I was going to write up a post about the latest McGreevey incident (he's been accepted to Episcopalian seminary), but I've been conflicted. I've actually been rather conflicted about all of these posts on the subject. Not that I'm not always looking for something stupid to post on, it's just that most of the primary coverage (most of the coverage, period) is coming from the NY Post. The Rupert Murdoch owned publication has kept on calling him "the gay love gov" and refers to him as catty, etc. These are things that I would normally consider borderline. But consider their cover for the latest McGreevey story. Once again, we're sex-obsessed, it's funny that a guy is attracted to men, tee hee hee. And they stole a joke from one of Eminem's most homophobic albums.

They're really skirting the line on their coverage of McGreevey, but they have a pretty bad record on queer representation. They've compared same sex relationships to bestiality, used vintage homophobia as cartoon fodder, printed absolutely legendary AIDS-phobic pieces, and taken a hard editorial stance against marriage equality, among other things. Then again, what more can be expected from what's basically Fox News in print form?

So I'm probably going to just give up on the McGreevey story, considering that they're using it just as subject matter to exercise their homophobia. What do you all think?

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