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Qomics for Queers wants to try some of Miss Prissy's raw vegetable salad delight!

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Good golly I need to get that pic of Joe Turnham below the fold! So I'll put a pic of Von Shields, playboy extraordinaire of Mary Worth fame, doing what he does best: cooling his forehead with a vermouth on the rocks as he sullenly contemplates the consequences of his sibling rivalry.

Since I forgot to post this on Sunday what with all the excitement of the weekend, follow me after the jump for the gayness of Beetle Bailey (of course) and Hagar the Horrible, as well as a bonus Momma.

Whoa! You followed! Here's Saturday's Beetle Bailey:
OK, first, since when is Beetle the smart one? This strip needs some back story, so I imagine that Beetle came out to Zero, Zero made a derogatory generalization of gay men, Beetle defends himself and his people vaguely (panel one), and Zero responds like an ass. See? Making stuff up is fun.

And Thursday's Hagar the Horrible:
This might be funny if there were a common restaurant menu item actually known as "Miss Prissy's raw vegetable salad delight" or something at least close to that. But that's not the point.

What is the point is the gender transgressive name there? The "Miss Prissy" is a rather feminine name, which I think is supposed to be the "joke" of this strip, but it's juxtaposed with the word "raw". Honestly I would be surprised if at least a majority of vegetables in a salad weren't raw, so I think this is supposed to inform the interpretation of this strip. When I think of "Miss Prissy" and "raw" right next to each other, I'm thinking someone knows how to spank and whip a boy like a real princess. (Hmmmm... maybe that image coming up first says more about me than it does about this comic.) Hagar and his crew, sans Lucky Eddie, have walked into a restaurant operated by an S&M dom with a kooky sense of humor. And they're mad about that, for some reason.

That joke, to me, is pretty funny. I want to go to a restaurant run by a kooky S&M dom!

And Tuesday's non-queer Momma:
This comic is only extremely disturbing when you think of it as Francis bragging to his friend about how he tricks women into entering his bedroom.

And it's only insanely disturbing when you think of the fact that Francis's scheme is directed specifically at women whose bladders are full.

But it's psychotically disturbing when you realize that the only woman who Francis lives with is his mother.

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