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Filed By Alex Blaze | May 10, 2007 9:06 AM | comments

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What's wrong with the government? Seriously, what's wrong?

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Power of special interests groups caused by low voter turnout?

Actually, I think it is more a function of politicians seeing their "job" as a "game". They are so far removed from the actual citizens of this country it doesn't even bother them that the decisions they make, sometimes just to spite the other side, affect millions of people.

If I were queen, we would pick politicians like we do jury duty. You get picked, you spend some time, and you go home. That way there might actually be some common sense and nobody would be there long enough for the lobbyists to get a hold of.

I'm thinking it's the money. There's just too much money being pumped into this system for anyone without any to have an equal voice.

Let Me Count The Ways | May 11, 2007 10:28 AM

Oh, Alex, so many things:

**too much money. The alternative is only government-finnced campaigns. Better? Hardly.

**too little knowledge. Voters today spend a frightening amount of time studying issues.

**Money, Redux: Locally, several officeholders who are making more money than they ever dreamed, "serving the people," and in some cases, more money than they'd ever be worth in the private sector. Scary, huh? Makes term limits look good.

**in the legislature: polyester and bad tailors. Seriously. Wayyyyyy too much of it. All that body heat, chafing, ewwwww. It'd make anyone irritable. Who wants to watch that?

**in Congress: two words: Dick Delay. His smarmy, take-no-prisoners attitude for 12 years, changed the way that institution operates.

***in the White House: Dick and George. Mean and Denial. And the unindicted co-conspirator, the brilliant Condi Rice, who has provided a feminine, softer side to this insane foreign policy for almost seven eyars. A pox on her house. Cruella DeVille.

Enuf? Yeah, for now...