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Amnesty and the Religious RIght: a bit of a contradiction

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One of the topics I scarcely thought I'd be touching upon when I first became a contributor to this site and concentrated largely upon SJR-7, the down-but-not-yet-out "proposal to amend the Indiana Constitution to screw up marriage and other rights," is the subject of immigration.

Nonetheless, as I listened to the news this morning and read some items about the late Jerry Falwell, suddenly I was struck with a fundamental (no pun intended) contradiction in the way the far right, including its large evangelical component, deals with their hated term "amnesty".

On the one hand, what appears to be a compromise that will allow undocumented aliens to stay in the U.S. under certain conditions is widely denounced as terribly unfair to people who have obeyed the law, waited their turn and jumped through all the hoops. On the other hand, most of the same folks are quick to say that even the most hardened sinner, in his last minutes, can have all the Keys to the Kingdom just by accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. No questions asked by St. Peter at the Gates whatsoever.

Never mind all of the other righteous folks who all their lives have done all the right things. Even they can lose their souls in a last heartbeat if they do something like thinking gays and lesbians are people, too, or put a bit less than 10% of their income in the Sunday collection plate. "The Last Shall Be First" says so in Scripture somewhere.

Unless, of course, if you are Mexican and crawled under that big Southern Fence for a better life working for an employeer who isn't quite going by the rules either. I guess amesty is in the eye of the beholder. Some might call it a contradiction.....I suggest "hypocrisy".

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Zach Adamson | May 21, 2007 7:49 AM

Hahaha.. Oh Don.. Such a great blog.. but if that's the only contradiction you have found with the religious right... Your a lucky man. Just kidding. I know you know all too well what these Nazis are all about.
Maybe what you have hit upon is the root of the reasoning and not a symptom. Let us now look deep into not into they do but rather why.
Perhaps it is these major contradictions that seem to saturate and run rampant in the lives of the furiously religious. I have often wondered why, when ever anyone ever comes in contact with these people do they always seem so ANGRY. And they are. They are literally always angry. Besides being very unhealthy, and being hostil constantly in itself will propagate a more vile disposition, there has to be a cause.
When you spend half the time in your your life telling the world that your reason for living is your faith. Spend your life pushing it as if you yourself were on God's payroll and you got a commission. Like a perfume sales lady at Bloomingdales.
And then you spend the other half of your life behaving persecuting many of your fellow man. You behave in such an un Christian manner, AND you use your faith as the justification to doing so. This internal conflict has to create a most disheartening rift within their souls. And it shows in everything they do. They feel like human failures and will not rest until everyone is devalued to the point that makes them feel more fulfilled by comparison. It really makes way too much sense and its cosmically sad. I'd feel really bad for their situation if they didnt piss me off so much.!

Contradiction... hypocrisy... you bet, but it will ultimately add to the voter pool- what 12-20 million?, a high percentage of which are Catholic...and er, conservative. And then you have to remember that amnesty is coming under which presidency... oh, that's right, the great fundie himself- Geeeeorge W.

So, we may call it amnesty, but really, it's buying votes.... IMHO.

I think this comes from that ability of fundies to compartmentalize their beliefs and hold two mutually exclusive thoughts to be true. That whole "Jesus loves everyone except you" kind of thing. I just find it all kinda weird these fundies who believe that their god takes some kind of active interest in the politics or policies of our country. First, it's rather haughty to think the US is even a blip on the radar of the almighty creator of the Universe. The Universe is an awfully big place for one guy and his son to manage. But mostly it's just a perverse mingling of politics and religion that is exactly why our founding fathers included provisions for the separation of church and state.

I think you're right on, Don, it's nothing but hypocrisy. And Kelly is right about this being about nothing but votes. 12-20 million Mexican-American votes added mostly to the Republican voter roles is one hell of a chit to have to cash in when the time comes.

These people make me sick.

I never thought of immigration this way. Especially since the bill going through Congress isn't amnesty at all. Requiring upwards of a decade worth of hoops and around $15K (if you include ALL the fees) from each immigrant is hardly just washing the slate clean. But then say that you accept Jesus and you can be a total douchebag your whole life, whatever.

Great post, Don.