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I just left this tidbit as a comment on Alex's post too, but it's worth repeating...

What do the Human Rights Campaign and the National Rifle Association have in common?

According to a survey taken this year by the Log Cabin Republicans, revealed today at the organization's national convention in Denver, the HRC and NRA are the two national organizations which receive financial support from the greatest number of gay Republicans.

Nearly 40 percent of Log Cabin members give to HRC and nearly 20 percent donate to the NRA, which trailed only local Republican and gay rights organizations in receiving contributions from LCR members.

You know, I have three "most important" issues that I tend to concentrate on...
  1. LGBT rights
  2. Gun control
  3. The environment

I'm soooo not a Republican. In fact, I tend to believe Michael Moore's version: "A Brief History of the USA."

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Lynn David | May 8, 2007 3:23 AM

My three/four issues are....

1] Environment
2] New Energy Source Development
3] LGBT Rights
4] The Economy (Stupid!)

And I have been a member of the NRA for about 20 years now. I send them as little money as I can, just to keep up the membership, which is useful to the local gun club to get their insurance (depends on the percentage of NRA members they have). I am well aware that the NRA supports those candidates (mostly republicans) who would legislate against LGBT rights.

But since they are working primarily for gun rights, your run-of-the-mill Log Cabin Republican would stand back and say that the NRA are promoting republicans, but only on the basis of gun rights. But they know full well that many (most?) NRA members are those who rather boot gays back into thee closet.

HRC and the NRA are the "establishment" to LCRs.


So let me see if I got this right...

You give money to the NRA when you know they fund legislators that attack our community. You do this so the local gun club can get cheaper insurance rates.

Therefore, the local gun club is more important to you then the civil rights of thousands of your fellow citizens?

I thought it was impossible, but I actually lost more respect for Log Cabin Republicans...

To first hear the statistics Bil quoted above was shocking, but to hear it confirmed in the first freaking comment is WAY too much. Y'all are whack!

Giving money to the NRA to make sure the local gun club has lower insurance is one of the most obtuse gestures I've ever heard of. Take your money and give it DIRECTLY to the damned gun club! Stop funding the Republican nutjobs. The NRA is EVIL and would be happy to destroy our lives all the while brandishing a fucking AK-47 for the show of it all.

The NRA is a direct pipeline to the Republican party. The hard core right wing nuts that take NRA money and show up at NRA events are the same nuts that promote anti-gay legislation and drag their knuckles when they walk.

You may as well just give a check to James Dobson and call it a day.

People need to catch a clue about where they donate AND SPEND their money.

Support for the Republican party = Support for anti-gay agenda

Do you smoke? You support the Republican party
Do you eat at Dominos? You support the Republican party
Do you shop at WalMart? You support the Republican party
Do you drive an SUV? You are majorly supporting the Republican party (and Al Qaeda)

Wake up sheeple! UGH. LCR=NRA=GOP=BAD