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So many emotions - such a cute boy

Filed By Bil Browning | May 21, 2007 9:33 PM | comments

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I just saw this on Midget Queen and I had to bring it over here to share with all of you. I have to admit, I'd never seen a male belly dancer before.

Rarely have I had so many emotions run through me in such a short amount of time. Fascination, revulsion, concern, curiosity and, I have to say, some rather erotic feelings all flitted through me during the five minutes this video provides. As the Queen says in her post, he definitely sets off the gaydar, and well, imagination will take you places.

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Feel that weirdness in your stomach watching him? That's the patriarchy. Right there inside you.

Really? How so? Seriously.

I thought it was just the way he could move each ribcage independently.

Seriously, Morgan, what's that supposed to mean?

Lynn David | May 22, 2007 4:22 AM

I wasn't imagining a patriarchy in me when I watched that!

Unless I imagined Patrick......

Zach Adamson | May 22, 2007 7:33 AM

Hmm. maybe we could hire him to perform for Pride this year. While he was most definitely gay and without doubt cute.. I have a weird feeling watching someone who has hummus for bones. In an instant it went from being kinda sexy to rather "circus people" weird.

We don't have feelings of revulsion or concern when female belly dancers do the same things. It's cool and talented when women can do this, but cause for concern or revulsion when a guy does it?

Dancing, especially solo and for other people to look at is a highly gendered activity - and it's gendered female. Women dance for men to look at, not the other way around, at least under the gender "rules" we have now (aka the patriarchy). When we see a video of a male unabashedly dancing for other people's enjoyment, it conflicts with the rules that we all have internalized because we live in a culture predicated on distinct gender roles. That's how, rather indirectly, the patriarchy manifests itself in our responses to this video.

For what it's worth, I wouldn't rush to conclusions about his sexual orientation - the cues are remarkably different across cultures. If the same standards as in the US applied, every man in the Middle East would be at least gay-vague.

You make some good points, Morgan.

However, I'm not sure about dancing being primarily for women with men looking on. Even in primitive cultures where dancing was more about pleasing the gods and goddesses or a tribal ceremony, most dances involved more men than women. After all, how could a mere woman please the great figures in the sky/earth/water? As time has gone on, some of the most celebrated dancers have been men as well - from ballet greats to modern dance marvels. I'd actually argue that the predominance of men in dance historically would make it more patriarchal than than men watching women dance. While I agree that belly dancing or strippers are all about the erotic pleasure of watching a woman dance, go-go boys and well, male belly dancers, are also used in that purpose aren't they? While obviously more heavily weighed towards more female dancers in these situations, they don't represent the complete history of dance.

You have a good point about Middle Eastern men being more feminine in some mannerisms, but after dating several Arabic men I have to admit - he still sets off the gaydar. *grins*

Oh - and for what it's worth - I have NEVER seen a female belly dancer who was able to move both rib cages independently like that. A lot of the contortions he was able to maneuver, I've only seen at the circus or old Vaudeville acts. Of course, my history with belly dancers is extremely limited - mostly relegated to Greek restaurants in the Midwest, so as I said, take it for what it's worth there...

And finally, thanks for sparking a really good conversation on this thread, Morgan. I would never have thought of any of these issues without your input. :)

I certainly didn't see anything like HIM when I was in Turkey! But his moves are great! I certainly enjoyed watching him more than I have female bellydancers! He's one hot dude!!!! :)