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Some Thoughts on the Republican Debate on 5/15/2007

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So last night around midnight I watched the Republican Presidential debate on the Fox News website. It alternated between scary and really hilarious. Instead of trying to post a deep analysis I am going to share one thought and then my favorite quotes from the debate.

My thought - Mitt Romney is really good at this and that scares me.

My vote for funniest two quotes excerpted from a Fox News Story about the debate,

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee also was able to slip in a criticism of the congressional members at the debate, saying Congress has "spent money like John Edwards at a beauty shop," a slam on the Democratic presidential candidate who earned unwanted scrutiny for spending $400 of campaign money on a haircut. It was a one-up to Arizona Sen. John McCain, who quipped he has spoken with sailors who take offense at being accused of ever being so drunk as to spend as much as Congress.

I am excited to read what other folks thought about the debate and the candidates' performance. Who do you think won?

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Haircuts & Iraq | May 16, 2007 7:50 AM

Well, John Edwards, an otherwise nice guy, deserved the haircut thing. I mean, come on...who gets $400 haircuts? It's beyond ridiculous. If you ever do get a $400 haircut, and you later decide to run for president, I'm thinking you need to be a Supercuts guy for a year or two. It was an arrogant and stupid move, and his staff should be held accountable for not standing up to him and telling him so.

That aside, last night's debate was remarkably free of valid Iraqi War comentary. They're all just trying to out-right one another.

Did you see that audience when the cams panned? Jezuz Lord, it was OLD and WHITE. Heaven's Waiting Room.

They got what they wanted last night. They childishly beat up on Hillary. They waved the flag.

They played into our hands...LOL...they're LibBait 08.

Like toilet water siwrling around the bowl.

Watching the debate simply scared me as to what is about to happen to our future of this country. I am hoping that the democrats can pick someone who will be open to our side and being willing to say it loud and proud like WE all should be doing.

If people want change then they need to step up. If we don't we will just get another moron in the office.

Marla R. Stevens | May 16, 2007 12:24 PM

Note that Huckabee's comment about Edwards was made completely out of context and that he said, "beauty shop" -- not "hair stylist" or "barber shop" or any other gender-appropriate or gender neutral reference. It was an Ann Coulter reiteration moment -- obviously planned and targeted to ride mostly under the radar straight into what passes for the average wingnut brain.

I too had the Ann Coulter thought when I heard the "beauty shop" comment, I mean, certainly Huckabee wouldn't refer to his own haircut as having come from a beauty shop...

Ron Paul, IMHO, is spot on, unfortunately, even though I know what he meant to say in reference to 9/11, he did fumble that one. Too feisty that man, otherwise a true republican, and the reason that Log Cabin Republicans exist, by the way. I know they get a lot of flack around here.

I didn't watch. It would have been liking watching a teenager torture a puppy.