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John Edwards likes it rough

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I was cleaning out some cobwebs around here and came across this video that I'd bookmarked to use on the blog months ago. It's from early February of this year, but it still made me laugh when I watched it again and since we've been so political this past few days, it fits right in.

It reminded me of yesterday's post at The Dilbert Blog. He wrote about another brawl that broke out the other day in Taiwan's parliament. Surely you've seen Taiwanese Legislator Wrestling on TV by now... No? Look after the jump for 5 minutes of bitch-slaps and shoe throwing. It's like Asian Jerry Springer with no homily at the end.
Apparently this sort of thing happens all the time in Taiwan. A legislator objects to a parliamentary procedure and the next thing you know, the Minister of Shellfish is bitch-slapping him. A moment later, the air is filled with shoes, lunchboxes, and microphones. Can you imagine CSPAN's ratings if we followed that model in America? I don't think you'd be able to pry yourself away from the TV long enough to take a dump. You'd just sit there all day long with an adult diaper waiting for someone to sucker punch Teddy Kennedy.

Pause to consider how much you would pay to see Nancy Pelosi kick Dick Cheney in the nuts on national television. I'll bet it's a big number. Imagine that after she delivers the kick, Trent Lott flings a wing tipped shoe at the back of her head and knocks her off the dais. Now how much would you pay? Personally, I'm in triple digits already and the imaginary brawl has barely started. Can it get any better?

You know, I can think of a few ways. Nancy kicking Dick in the nuts would be great, but to see her give W a swirlie? Priceless.

What've you got? What would you pay to see on national television?

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