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So much happened in the world of gay celebrities over the long weekend! I was going to do separate posts on all of these, but they do seem to morph right into each other...

CharlesNelsonReilly.jpgFirst, Paul Lynde Charles Nelson Reilly died. I have to admit, I was never a fan of Mr. Reilly. As a gay guy that grew up in the 70's, as a kid I used to cringe and sneer at him on the various game shows. I'd think "I can't be gay - I don't want to act like that..." Little did I know, eh?

odonnell-rosie-view-cp-1819331.jpgSpeaking of lights going out, Rosie has decided not to return to the View after her on-air spat with Elizabeth Hasselbeck. While I understand Rosie's decision not to return to the show, I wish she hadn't left early. I wanted to watch her mop the floor with the annoying moppet. Today was the first live show since Rosie decided to leave. Personally, I was shocked that they didn't suspend Elizabeth for a few shows because of the mess. I guess any ratings are good ratings, eh?

pic_rupaul2.jpgAnd finally while we're on the topic of shock culture, RuPaul has a new movie coming out on June 2nd called Starrbooty. (See after the jump for the trailer.)

When supermodel/agency operative Starrbooty learns her niece has been kidnapped by her archrival, Annaka Manners, Starrbooty's only option is to go undercover as a street hooker to rescue her. The only snag in our heroine's plan is that in order to infiltrate the prostitution underworld she has to gain street credibility by going "all the way" with the johns.

This movie is jam-packed with delicious dialogue, insane characters, outrageous costumes and gratuitous hair and make-up.

I'm not going to cast aspersions here, but after seeing the clip and reading the synopsis, it looks like Ru ought to be glad we don't still have celebrity game shows anymore or she'd be filling Charles Nelson Reilly's vacant square.

And just to bring it all around again, who was the guest host on the View today? Whoopi Goldberg. I smell a conspiracy. Someone tell Rosie.

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Wow: a little harsh on CNR, Bil. What's up with that? Or am I misreading?

I wasn't a gay boy in the 1970's, but I appreciated Reilly's sense of humor and his banter with Brett Summers and others. I also admired his Match Game prowess. Richard Dawson was usually the (homophobic?) contestants' pick for the SuperMatch, but Reilly consistently provided matches for the contestants who chose him or who spun him on the big wheel.

A. J. Lopp | May 29, 2007 8:44 PM

Bad joke time!

Street slang for a woman's breats: Boobies

Street slang for a male bodybuilder's muscular pecs (as when Conan O'Brien talks about Fabio): "Man boobies"

S.S. for a black bodybuilder's pecs: "Brother boobies"

A black gay bodybuilder's pecs with silicone implants (if he's a top): "Rubber-bugger-brother-boobies"

A black gay male's pecs with silicone implants (if he's a bottom): "RuPaul's"

[Don't worry folks ... I only have a few of these, and once I get them off my chest (man-boobies?) you can all come up for air again.]

A. J. Lopp | May 29, 2007 8:51 PM

P.S. I love RuPaul! You go, girl!

CNR was Awesome! Not just fun on TV, but an excellent director with one Tony Award win and a couple of other nominations! He will be missed!

. . . .and Rosie? She needs to just close her mouth and go away for a while. Her complaint of feeling like a foster-child is insulting to foster kids. After all, they don't get paid the big $$ that Rosie got for being on The View!

I dunno folks, I never got the CNR thing. I just didn't like him. I thought he was a bitchy queen that over exaggerated for the stereotypes. That doesn't make him a saint, that just makes him the first guy that really got by being openly gay on television. I think it is worth remembering though that he did it by enforcing stereotypes and by being the butt of jokes.

Holy cow, I have to see that RuPaul movie! Glammed gender transgression is one of my fave things!

Rosie got what was coming to her. I think this war is stupid and an insane abuse of our fine young men and women, but that being said, I would never call them terrorists. She stepped over the line in the name of being outrageous and she had to go. Why should Elizabeth defend that?

We have free speech, but that doesn't mean you don't have to answer to the consequences of that speech. Heard of Don Imus?

Rosie NEVER called them terrorists. EH was discussing how the terrorists came here and killed our people and Ro said well then what do you think the Iraqi's think of us? Before you slam Rosie make sure you are getting your news from actually seeing it instead of the shitty cable news shows that spin everything in the way that they want! Rosie did A LOT for GLBT community by openly discussing her marriage and family, making people realize how we are no different than them.

I think it would have been very simple for Elizabeth to say, "I know my friend Rosie and I know she doesn't consider our troops to be terrorists." Rosie has consistently praised the troops and criticized the administration for sending them into war. Plus, at the time, EH kept referring to all Iraqis as "Al Queda." They're not - a lot are just innocent civilians that our troops have killed. Who's causing the terror depends on your point of view - and that's a valid point. With so many civilians dead at our hands, is it no wonder that the general population wants us out of their country?

But for EH to personally attack another co-host (Remember the Trump comment?) and get away with it, is beyond the pale. That should have, at the very least, gotten her suspended for a few days.

@Bil 5/29 11:45pm ("I thought [CNR] was a bitchy queen that over exaggerated for the enforcing stereotypes and by being the butt of jokes.")

Wow, that's not at all how I experienced CNR.

I thought he was witty, funny, sarcastic, and clever. Maybe not an "icon" like Scott over in the Memorial Day open thread comments said, but still enough in the "Good" column to merit a respectful nod on his passing.

I can't discount your own personal experience, though -- it sounds like we're from different times and different places.