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Violence is apparently his prerogative

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Bobby Brown on Jamie Campbell's 24 Hours, via Keith Boykin:

It should come as no surprise that someone with a history of domestic violence would have such a reaction, as I would imagine the same hyper-sensitivity about one's own masculinity, disrespect for women and femininity, and anger issues would come into play in both cases. I'm also surprised that Bobby Brown's looking so bad.

So, gay panic or troubled soul? Or both?

Transcript after the jump.

BROWN: They told me it was going to be like a prison.

CAMPBELL: How do I measure up to your cellmates?

BROWN: You're dangerous.

CAMPBELL: I haven't tried any sex moves on you yet.

BROWN: What the f**k do you mean sex moves? Do I Look like... You saying you haven't even tried any sex moves yet. Are you, are you...

CAMPBELL: Am I gay? Would it make a difference?

BROWN: Are you?

CAMPBELL: Why would it make a difference?

BROWN: You said to me, I haven't even tried any sex moves on you yet. Yet? What the fuck you mean, 'yet'? I'm a grown-ass man. Yet? On live TV I will fuck you up. Trust.

CAMPBELL: I only meant it as a joke.

BROWN: Okay well you shoulda laughed afterwards. Cause I didn't laugh.

CAMPBELL: The conversation went, I said to you, 'do you think I'm an okay cellmate compared with the guys in prison. And you said, I think you're dangerous. And I said, and I haven't even tried any sex moves yet. It was just a joke.

BROWN: Can you answer the question though? Are you?

CAMPBELL: Would it matter to you if I was?

BROWN: You said, you haven't even tried any sex moves on me yet. Do you know I will fuck you up in here? Do you know that?

CAMPBELL: I mean, don't you disrespect me by suggesting that...

BROWN: Suggesting that what?

CAMPBELL: Suggesting that somehow my answer would make me less of a man in your eyes?

BROWN: I think you're less of a man for not answering.

CAMPBELL: I think it's like a joke. It as just a joke.

BROWN: (cracking knuckles) you know what would be more of a joke, you know what would be really more of a joke, if the 24 hours ended right now. That would be more of a joke.

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Mike/Columbus | May 14, 2007 7:44 PM

It should have gone more like this..

CAMPBELL: Am I gay? Would it make a difference?

BROWN: Are you?

CAMPBELL: That's my perogative tenderoni.

What's amazing is that the host is attempting to play into standard male-bonding homophobia, i.e. "I haven't tried any moves on you yet," and Ms. Brown falls off her rocker -- even this attempt at complicity reads to Bobby like an insinuation.