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Are you out where you work?

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Absolutely! I served in silence in the Air Force for nearly 9 years. I'm not doing that anymore.

Hmmm. I manage an LGBT blog. Yeah, I'm out. *grins*

Even when working a regular job though, I'm always out at work. I'm too damn gay to hide it. LOL

I work at a gay & lesbian community center, so I hope I'm out.

I teach at North Central High School and I am one of the few out teachers at NC. It has never been an issue and I know that it has helped countless students accept themselves.

It depends upon your definition of "out." I'm only out to two close associates, and only because each of them genuinely wanted to know more about me as a person. I've been with my company just under nine months.

I've been more "out" at smaller companies.

I can't really hide it anyway, but I don't make a point of telling everyone. If someone asks, I'll offer it. I don't have a problem mentioning my partner.

And, there are certain instances where I choose not to say anything. Those are fewer and further between though.

I've never announced it to all and sundry, but it's common knowledge. Almost embarrassingly so.

For a company who's payroll and top management has been dominated by religious conservatives until recently there's been surprisingly little backlash.

Zach Adamson | May 10, 2007 8:22 AM

Me? Out at work?? Oh God yes..