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What's left for Ron?

Filed By Bil Browning | May 02, 2007 3:28 PM | comments

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First, it was Harry Potter getting naked on stage for a play in London. Now the franchise is sexing up Hermione too! Now call me old-fashioned, but the series seems to be selling plenty of tickets without giving Hermione bigger boobs. See for yourself...


You'll notice that in the IMAX poster Hermione has bigger breasts, fluffier hair and a more shapely waist. Apparently at Hogwarts they only teach transmogrification but overlook healthy body images.

I mean, seriously, while the trio are certainly teenagers now and are gaining/losing boyfriends/girlfriends both in real life and on screen, will larger breasts improve the story? Will Harry suddenly realize that Hermione has had a boobjob and try and make his move? Or will Jenny Weasley instead spend years worried that she'll never be pretty enough if she doesn't get some implants and a tuck or two? Hell, in this poster she looks like a dominatrix to start with - and shows no womanly curves. In fact, none of the female characters are as "sexy" as Hermione.

Naked Harry. Sexed up Hermione. What's left for Ron? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess he ends up a sex slave after a drug deal gone wrong when he tries to sell "magic herbs" to George Michael.

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