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Where's a border patrol agent when you need one?

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From the "don't let this guy back in" files: the Kansas Witchita Eagle reported yesterday that the former deputy attorney general of Kansas, Bryan Brown, is moving back to Fort Wayne to open a law firm specifically to "be a center of anti-abortion activity."

Because, apparently, Fort Wayne--and Indiana in general--don't have enough anti-abortion activity as it is. So Brown is moving back to Ft. Wayne, where, in the late 1980's, he spent so much time harrassing patients and staff at the Women's Health Clinic (northeast Indiana's only abortion provider), he was ordered by a court to pay over $60,000 in legal fees. Which he never paid. Which was okay by the Supreme Court, as it turned out.

In 1991, Brown followed his Operation Rescue buddies to Kansas where

He was arrested a dozen times and spent 68 days in jail for civil contempt, for defying a judge's order to stay clear of a local abortion clinic.

If you've forgotten the arson, bombings and murders, you can read up on Operation Rescue at the Southern Poverty Law Center. (While you're there, check out SPLC's recent activity--these folks are rockin' anti-hate group watchdogs.) Operation Rescue isn't exactly the recommendation most of us would look for when hiring... so how do you go from a being a jailbird flunky for one of the biggest, most violent anti-women's health groups in the country to a state deputy attorney general?

Easy. You earn a law degree at Pat Robertson U and go to work for Phill Kline.

Phill Kline, you may recall, was the Kansas Attorney General (2003-2007) who made it the mission of his office to investigate abortion patients and providers. He went on a fishing expedition through private medical files that inspired our own attorney general, Steve Carter, to do the same. Luckily, courts in both cases acted to protect patient privacy.

Kline's nosiness wasn't the only reason voters ousted him last fall--but certainly using the office of the state's "top cop" to enforce your own personal morality code isn't cool and doesn't sit well with the public. At least in Kansas.

And so Bryan Brown was "called" home to Indiana. He told the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel that "I'm not coming back to fire up Northeast Indiana Rescue," which sounds promising, until you find he calls his new group "Donegal Corridor," referring to the fact that during WWII, Allied planes were secretly allowed to refuel in the mountains of Ireland.

Just as those warplanes fought evil, Brown said, so too will his organization battle forces that have twisted humanity's laws while ignoring God's.

In case you're not already hearing "Danger, Will Robinson" echo in your head, let me lift this detail from the above-linked Kansas article on Brown:

He plans to christen his new building May 19 in a multidenominational "blessing ceremony" that will include a Christian Orthodox exorcism, a Catholic blessing and Lutheran and Anabaptist readings.

He's going to have a priest exorcise the building so he can do battle for God here on earth. And somehow, the Ft. Wayne columnist who interviews him lets all of this slide and takes him seriously.

Please, people of Fort Wayne, I know you're not all crazy. I've met several of you who are quite progressive. I urge the rational residents of Allen County to reject the likes of Bryan Brown and Ed Yoder and take back your city!

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Phil Kline is also famous for his crusade against Matthew Limon, the mentally challenged gay teen who was sentenced to 17 years for giving his boyfriend a blow job. He pursued this kid even after Lawrence, and got a few courts to agree with him. The kid is still messed up from the experience, last I heard, and is trying to give up the sin of homosexuality after spending over four years in prison for it.