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Where's that cookie been?

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This short from the Washington DC Planned Parenthood is a clever little public service announcement. What happened to those?

I think the last really good PSA I saw was those "Have a hunkuv cheeeeze" commercials or the little mole that never called the power company before he dug. You used to see a ton of them on the air at all times - cheese, reading, eating healthy, don't do drugs, and did I mention, cheese? The "This is your brain on drugs" fried egg PSA was memorable, but not because it was effective. Nowadays when you see a PSA they're all generic. Nothing has pizzazz anymore and you very rarely see anything other than the occasional "Don't smoke weed" spot.

Just for giggles, after the jump is the "Hanker for a Hunka Cheese" and three other great vintage PSAs.

So have public service announcements gone the way of the unicorn? Is the world only capable of horses with cardboard tubes duct taped to their heads? Help me out guys - leave me some links to other good PSAs in the comments and I'll use the best for future YGST posts.

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