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Another gem from the archive. Growing pot just ain't what it used to be.

The Drug War, anyone remember that one? Allegedly, it is "vital to the nation's security" which is why, I guess, Bush laid off 9700 border patrol agents in 2005 and why he has done so much to curtail border security with Mexico - the biggest portal for drugs for America.

And still we spend billions and billions to destroy pot fields in America. with some irony, the DEA admits 98% of the marijuana they have destroyed is nothing more than wild growing ditchweed - which is feral hemp not cultivated cannabis.

And we wonder why our debt is closing in on four five times our yearly deposits to the IRS. That is very bad money management.

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I love it that the ads are for "legal marijuana" and "grow hydroponics" when I visited this time. Cracked me up.

These comics are great, Storm.

Sometimes the Google Ads I get are funnier than the strip!

Let's hear it for "Plug'N'Grow" boxes!!!!