June 28, 2007

Terry Schiavo, Patrick Atkins, and YOU

Filed by Jen Jorczak | June 28, 2007 | 6:05 PM | comments

If you, like me, have been meaning to set up power of attorney and a living will and everything else that you need to have things in order, "just in case"--especially if you, like me, don't have even the protection...Read More

Tom Cruise Wants To Buy Becks Balls! GAY EDITION!

Filed by Michael Buckley | June 28, 2007 | 5:49 PM | comments

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Out of touch with reality: The Log Cabin Republicans

Filed by Alex Blaze | June 28, 2007 | 3:08 PM | comments

The LCR is pumping a new survey of Republican voters to show how pro-gay they are. They describe it as showing that "Republican voters support basic fairness for all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation," and "This poll makes it clear...Read More

HRC kicks off a new blog

Filed by Bil Browning | June 28, 2007 | 1:59 PM | comments

Have you seen HRC's new blog? The HRC Back Story blog is mostly written by my friend, Christopher Johnson. I've worked closely with Chris on several netroots stories and I'm excited that he's getting his own platform. You'll want to...Read More

What does freedom mean to you?

Filed by Bil Browning | June 28, 2007 | 1:00 PM | comments

Indianapolis weekly INTake magazine features myself and eleven others in their cover story: Free speech: Freedom's not just another word to 12 local residents. Other folks featured in the article include Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi and talk show host...Read More

OK, now why is she on MSNBC?

Filed by Alex Blaze | June 28, 2007 | 11:47 AM | comments

This video's making its way around the internet. Elizabeth Edwards called into Hardball to tell Ann Coulter to stop making personal attacks on her and her husband:...Read More

AIDS is over, according to Andrew Sullivan, again

Filed by Alex Blaze | June 28, 2007 | 11:35 AM | comments

You know, I'm falling so far behind in the things that I want to post about that Andrew Sullivan could say that he was right eleven years ago when he said that AIDS is over and I wouldn't even have...Read More

Question of the Thursday

Filed by Alex Blaze | June 28, 2007 | 11:20 AM | comments

How would you describe your gender (masculine, feminine, androgynous, etc.)? How would others describe it?...Read More

Who knew there is good Indiana Dick in D.C.?

Filed by Storm Bear | June 28, 2007 | 9:17 AM | comments

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Big girls are beautiful

Filed by Bil Browning | June 28, 2007 | 9:00 AM | comments

Mika may be the one celebrity with even more "Is he out? Is he in?" sexuality questions than Anderson Cooper. The singer flatly refuses to answer any questions about his sexuality. Read More


Coffee & Toast with Marion Bolden

Filed by Ed Team | June 28, 2007 | 6:28 AM | comments

"We have to own up to the fact that it was a homophobic moment. That's what everybody's afraid to say. There are sensitivity issues we need to talk about as a result of this." -- Newark, New Jersey school superintendent...Read More