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...the school offers to replace the yearbooks. And the superintendent also apologized.

This whole story just goes to show that there's always something extra sexual about queer relationships that gets imposed on them. Even if they're doing same thing as a heterosexed couple, for some reason straight minds go right to the extra steamy nature of same-sex relationships. The page opposite the photo apparently had a straight couple in a similar pose kissing, but when straights do it it's part of a normalized mating ritual, something that we're never going to be accepted as a part of, at least so far as I can see, so it's not really sexual. One also has to wonder what role the race of the teenagers played in the superintendent labeling them inappropriately sexual.

But here, the superintendent saw that yearbook as a heterosexual space, and those two students challenged that definition. In return, their relationship was redacted, and offering to exchange yearbooks now that school's out really isn't going to do anything. But it does shine the light on the insanity of homophobia -- if anyone else had gone through hundreds of books scribbling out one innocuous picture, we'd label that person disturbed.

Maybe I just don't have the same sensibilities as this superintendent does, but I can see how a same-sex kiss is extra sexy. I'm just mature enough not to base school policy on that.

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Just reread that post, and I'm going to wait for a comment from Bil saying, "What? Alex is more mature than anyone?"

Jen Jorczak | June 25, 2007 3:40 PM

So... I wonder how much it will cost the school to reprint the yearbooks, and whether the superintendent will suffer any consequences.

So many questions...

That'll depend on how many students ask for new yearbooks, won't it? I wonder how many actually will ask for new ones? Now that school is out, you know it won't be everyone. And I wonder if they'll have to return the old ones to destroy the evidence?

And best of all, if this had happened to you - would you want the new yearbook or would you keep the old one?

And best of all, if this had happened to you - would you want the new yearbook or would you keep the old one?

Short answer: Both

Long answer: Both and a blow job