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Yes, it's more of Al Gore and I can't get enough. I had a better job, health care, retirement and on and on when Clinton and Gore were in the White House.

Here is my question for everyone. Who in the current crop of candidates, left or right, has shown as much leadership on the environment as Al Gore?

Or try this one, which of the candidates comes close to Gore's level of leadership on ANYTHING?

Edwards can't figure out why Gay Rights are important.

Hillary is not Bill and I am unsure what her main issue is. Also, she still thought the Iraq war was a good idea up until last summer. Anyone who can't recognize Iraq as being bad doesn't have the credibility I need to support them. But I would still vote for Bill in a heartbeat. Hell, I will BLOW Bill and I am the token straight male for Bilerico! Grab the back of the chair Bill!

Obama is a newcomer and right now, I don't think we can afford to have our next President needing on-the-job-training.

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My name is Bil. Does that count? Hmmmm....