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Coffee & Toast with eHarmony.com

Filed By Ed Team | June 02, 2007 6:24 AM | comments

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"The research that eHarmony has developed, through years of research, to match couples has been based on traits and personality patterns of successful heterosexual marriages. Nothing precludes us from providing same-sex matching in the future. It's just not a service we offer now based upon the research we have conducted." -- Dating website eHarmony.com responding to a recent discrimination lawsuit filed by a lesbian who was excluded from the service. eHarmony is closely tied to the far-right homophobic organization Focus on the Family.

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A. J. Lopp | June 2, 2007 3:17 PM

In a vague sort of way, the lawsuit against eHarmony troubles me. Am I the only one?

If all such Internet match-making services discriminated against same-sex match-ups, then I might see a point in this sort of action. But clearly there are plenty of other (and in my opinion, more effective) ways that men can find men and women can find women on the Internet. Somehow, I feel like this lawsuit constitutes unnecessarily "picking a fight" --- there are plenty of more essential matters for us to litigate about.

Or maybe I'm wrong ... am I?

(And I must admit: If I were looking for a mate, a business aligned with the right wing, such as eHarmony, would be one of the last methods I would resort to. It's not like the more secular businesses that welcome sex-same matching are prohibitively anti-Christian.)

I agree generally, Allen. This seems kinda stupid, especially considering that eHarmony isn't the crux of heterosexual supremacy. It's not going to feed any starving queer person nor will it give anyone medical treatment or even help people live more freely. But I'm putting this in the category of things that are better done than not done, just because I don't like FOTF. LOL

Yeah, it all seems rather silly to me, honestly. There are plenty of gay or lesbian dating sites we can visit and utilize. I know there's a whole "separate but equal" argument that can be made, so I guess that the lawsuit is valid - everyone should have an equal playing field and services should be extended to all. But its kind of the same as the gay bar in Australia that won the right to exclude heteros and women. Personally, I think everyone should have the same right to join/enter the bar and then you let capitalism take over. If there aren't other lesbians on eHarmony to match her with, she won't want to be a member long. If the bar is full of gay men and you're the only woman, maybe you'll hang out with friends and have a great time - but if you're there looking for a one night stand, you'll take off for where the pickings are better...

My glee out of this is simply because eHarmony simply doesn't include the LGBT community - not because of some scientific reasoning - but because they're beholden to Focus on the Family. Which brings us right back to brazenly discriminating against the community for no good reason...

I agree. It seems there are better reasons to go after FOTF, but if this is an anveue into attacking their coffers, then go for it.

Personally, I think everyone should have the same right to join/enter the bar and then you let capitalism take over.

Riiiiiiiiight.... Because the government stepping in a forcing a bar to allow everyone in is an exercise in pure capitalism. Yep.

Whatev. I've already written up my thoughts on a post set for tomorrow. (Bilerico preview from reading the comments!)

But yeah, if this woman has a legal leg to stand on (I wonder if the civil rights law in CA is limited to "public accomodations", and I don't think this would count), then less money at FOTF, less problems.