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Democrats Will Not Help You

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This is my concern with the Democrats in Washington, they have totally separate agendas than America, their agenda doesn't even jive with what Democrats (the voters) want.

The best candidate we had for 2004 was Howard Dean. But throw in some good old fashioned media bias, Dems buckled like ramen noodles in hot water and picked the safe candidate in the Iowa caucuses and we got John Kerry instead.

In 2006, we put Dems in control of BOTH sides of Congress and placed Harry Reid and made Nancy Pelosi the first woman Speaker of the House and so far, we have gotten some investigations out of them and a whole lot of hand-wringing and capitulation. Yes, if they sent up another Iraq Funding Bill with Deadlines, Bush would have vetoed it. So what? That was the CORRECT and MORAL thing to do! Instead, they just wanted to have a bill Bush would say "yes" to and that is exactly what we got - a bill all but written by Bush and passed by the Democratic Congress.

So who is now the front runner for the Democratic nomination in 2008? Hillary Clinton, the one single choice that will bring out the GOP to the polls just to vote against her. Yes, Blue Staters love here, but Red Staters hate her more and the hate will win out.

Remember, if you want out of Iraq, the Dems in Congress will not help you. Just get used to disappointment.

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For those who don't remember who Vernon Robinson is, you can find more on here and here.

Wouldn't capitulating to Red Staters' hate of Hillary be the same thing that drove Dr. Dean out of the presidential election last time? (Oh no! he got excited at a speech in a way that was appropriate in the context of what he was doing but made for a bad sound bite! Let's go for the boring guy that no one's really excited about!) Just seems like a bad reason to oppose a Hillary nomination, since it's the same reason all the other problems you're talking about are going down.

I like how the first thing that character thinks when it's announced that everyone will have to wear burqas is where to get them, not, y'know, I don't want to wear a burqa. It's like when you've got shopping on the mind, no one's going to change that.