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Still can't think of a good name for this feature. Any good ideas?

  • Meredith Moises extols the possibilities of a youth-friendly Pride:
    As someone who works with youth and has a passion for their well being, I am always concerned that gay kids are getting the short end of the stick at Pride. What are they learning from their elders who are cavorting at Pride? Are they emulating negative behaviors displayed at Pride? What dirty, old "so and so" is trying to pick them up for an unseemly night of passion? Are they being preyed upon? These are always my concerns at Pride.

  • James Love debunks Bush's "new" $30 million for AIDS:
    The "new" $6 billion per year commitment is close to the $5.8 billion we will spend in fy 2008. So it is not double, when compared to current levels of spending. More troubling is the fact that some administration officials are reducing targets for the number of persons treated, because of the higher cost of second generation AIDS drugs -- a problem that has been made worse by the Administrations pressures on developing countries for stronger patent protection on AIDS drugs.

  • The LA Times chides the Supreme Court for ignoring reality in this week's Ledbetter decision:
    That statement says volumes about the majority in this case. By reading the relevant sections of civil rights law narrowly, the majority concluded that Ledbetter was required to file charges at the time her employer decided to pay her less than men she worked with. It assumed that act of discrimination would be "made and communicated to her." But employers that pay their employees unfairly do not, at least in the world most of us inhabit, communicate those acts of discrimination. And unlike employees who are fired or denied promotions, victims of pay disparity often don't find out about it within 180 days -- or ever.

  • Pam Spaulding covers Peter LaBarbera's trip to International Mr. Leather:
    Peter features all sorts of photos of the goings-on at IML from his research, including many fetishes that he fixates on the rest of the year -- all consensual activities that may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they certainly aren't acts restricted to gay folks by any stretch of the imagination. Don't worry -- he makes sure to show only same-sex encounters whenever there are two people in the photo.

  • Celina de Leon interviews Pagan Kennedy, author of a biography of Michael Dillon, the world's first known surgical FTM transitioner:
    So, one day I thought, "Who was the first person to transform from woman to man? Why don't I know about that person?" Of course, I'd heard about Christine Jorgensen, who transformed from a man into the woman in the 1950s. But I had no idea when medical science allowed women to become men. I began doing research, and the answer turned out to be far more interesting than I could have imagined.

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