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I went to Nashville and all I got was a spine.

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I should not be surprised at the lackluster and scampering dances of the Democrats that avoided taking a position on anything substantial during this past Sunday's morning political talk shows. Poof and fluffery was all I heard, especially from the overly-distilled ex-firebrand Ted Kennedy. For example during his interview with George Stephanopoulos, Kennedy said in response to the lack of support for the immigration bill, "There are groups that are opposed to this." Ya think? Way to tell him Ted! Glad to see so MUCH fight left in you!

As I scan the tube and the web, the only person, and I do mean ONLY one standing up for the America I once knew is Al Gore.

Will he or won't he? Who knows. But I do know the Democratic Party's answer to the question of bringing the troops home. "Ain't gonna happen."

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I'm actually starting to believe that Gore won't run. I must admit though that I told Jerame just the other day that if we could see a Gore/Bloomberg ticket, it would probably sweep the race. (Plus, it would solve Bloomberg's "I'm not running for Prez" statement - he'd be running for Veep!)

Personally, I'll bet we see a Clinton/Richardson ticket. We'd get a woman prez and a Latino veep. I'll bet the idea of that much diversity makes the Dems salivate.

I don't think Gore would have announced before Live Earth, it would detracted attention away from the event.

Also, (I am putting on my old political strategist hat here) it is the smart thing to NOT announce so early on. I think he will wait, just like Thompson is doing and let the current field beat the hell out of each other - let the public get very sick and tired of the current field, then sweep in at the last moment and seem to be the fresh face on the field.

Money won't be a problem for him. Half the people want him to run and the other half are scared Hillary will win.

If he were to announce, I would be shocked if he did it sooner than October.

All of this is on top of the psychological issue of how Americans love and embrace comebacks. If Al were to win, it would be the MOTHER of all comebacks in political history.

That might be impossible for any politician to ignore for long.