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Joe Biden to America: "Nobody asked anybody else whether they're gay in those holes"

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The Democrats had their second debate this past weekend in New Hampshire, and guess who they talked about? Yeah, that's right, us. I'm beginning to wonder if all this discussion of "LGBT rights" isn't going to lead to some major starvation for attention when this political obsession with our sex/love lives is over.

Anyway, the debate happened and there's this YouTube video of the candidates discussion DADT:

Besides Biden telling us about the gays in the holes, Richardson thinks that they should have gotten rid of DADT 20 years ago. Yep, in 1987, six years before it was implemented.

Yes, I find the whole DADT debate a little ridiculous, and not just the example presented above. It's no surprise that they're all so excited to call DADT bad - a vast majority of Americans oppose it and it wouldn't require the government to give anything back to our communities that it's taken in the past. I'm wondering if they're thinking we're fresh to be recruited considering the pay gap between gay and straight workers, although I'm not sure if their narrative of queer people isn't being written entirely by Will & Grace reruns and they think we're all rich, white New Yorkers.

It is kinda fishy the way the moderator was pushing Clinton to call one of Bill's policy's a mistake.

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But I thought it was important to note that all of the Democratic candidates were unanimous in opposing Don't Ask Don't Tell. As it was implemented by a Democratic president (the husband of one of the candidates, even!), that alone says volumes.

Fishy? Wolf Blitzer isn't fishy. He's a right-wing propagandist info-tainment specialist asshole.

I watched the whole debate. He hounded New Mex. Gov. Richardson, promoted the rift between Biden and the rest of the Dems on Iraq like the issue was the next American Idol winner, pushed Hillary again and again to comment on Bill instead of the questions, gave Edwards "ample" time to talk about how gay marriage really depended on what churches wanted, and made up his own damn fucking retarded questions when the audience was supposed to have their turn.

MAN! I fucking HATE Wolf Blitzer!

Wilson46201 | June 5, 2007 7:09 AM

The Clinton Administration originally tried to abolish completely the anti-gay discriminatory policies of the Pentagon. Gays and lesbians were to serve openly in the military. This was fiercely opposed by the conservatives, mainly in the GOP. Even Saint Colin Powell opposed us. DADT was a sorry compromise hacked out to end the impasse. Clinton was defeated politically on gays in the military. It was a loss for Bill. Dont blame him! At least he tried to do the right thing but the rightwingers beat him and us.

So far, in my opinion, Richardson is still the top dog as far as gay rights go. Well, Kucinich is better since he supports full marriage equality too, but he'd never win. And honestly, I'd rather the entire LGBT community be protected against discrimination nationwide than be able to marry.

I think Hillary would only work for our rights if it was politically expedient. Obama, I just don't think we'd be a priority for him. And Edwards? He keeps trying, but I just don't feel it from him. He always reminds me of a little boy playing dress up for the grownups.