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I really felt like I was reading The Onion when I saw this one, but it's from a legit news source.

blueelephant.jpgThis gigondo elephant is supposed to represent pornography (not as material but as an abstract concept). I'm guessing it has something to do with an elephant's... trunk?

This is part of an effort by National Porn Sunday (no, it's not as fun as it sounds) to raise awareness on the problem they have with people making their own sexual decisions. From their leader:

"We need to turn people's heads and use big language and outrageous methodology to get public attention," he said. "We make no excuses or apologies for that."

Bridge Community Church's culture pastor Kel Vaughan said while most of his congregation thought the elephant was "kinda funny," the message remained very real. Pornography affects the family. By addressing it in the church, pastors are taking a proactive approach to reinforcing family values.

Because families' number one threat isn't the redirection of wealth towards the richest Americans or parents having to get several jobs because the tax burden is being shifted towards the working class while real wages decrease or not being able to get health care coverage because insurance premiums continue to rise or even not having access to family planning, it's pornography.

It just seems like those issues are the real elephants in the room. Americans are already spending quite enough times trying to delegitimize other people's sexual autonomy.

(h/t Feministing, photo KHOU)

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Great last line: "Americans are already spending quite enough times trying to delegitimize other people's sexual autonomy."


I got your comment via email this morning and I was like, "Did I really say 'times'?" And yes, apparently I did. But actually I kinda like it that way.

Hm.... I like elephants when they are cute and blue and cuddly...but not when they run the country into the ground while trying to create empires based on the backs of immigrants and bashing GLBT...

ah, that feels much better...

Alex, I think you missed the point, either unintentionally or to get a quick laugh at the expense of conservative Christians.

It's a slippery slope to start making the "Yeah, right, THAT's the number-one issue facing us today" argument.

Because for at least 95% of Americans (probably way more and probably including many in the LGBT community), LGBT concerns aren't the number-one issue facing us today.

I read about National Porn Sunday, and it's about pastors talking to their church members about porn. If anything, it's progressive to even be talking about it in church, and while the conservative "Porn hurts families" message might not be what I believe, National Porn Sunday has almost nothing to do with me or you -- it has to do with those people and their choices.

I think the underlying message is wrong, but I applaud the church for talking about their elephant.