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OK, now why is she on MSNBC?

Filed By Alex Blaze | June 28, 2007 11:47 AM | comments

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This video's making its way around the internet.

Elizabeth Edwards called into Hardball to tell Ann Coulter to stop making personal attacks on her and her husband:

Yeah, it's funny, but the real question is: Why is she even on Hardball? Seriously, she has no ability to be a civil part of the public discourse, or even an insightful part of it, or at least an honest part of it. (Did you notice how Elizabeth's asking her to stop being personal turns into "she wants me to stop speaking" in two seconds flat? It's almost as if she's a pathological liar....)

And before anyone complains about people being "silenced", let's just say that until I'm not being silenced anymore by not being invited to Hardball, then we can talk about Ann's freedom of speech. Until then, she has no right to be on TV.

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Why is she on MSNBC? Well, why not? She looks ridiculous no matter what network she appears on, which is exactly why she was interviewed on Hardball.

I watched the full interview and I'm no more a fan of hers than I ever was. Yes, she's a self-indulgent, egomaniac(yeah, it's redundant), who is also, as you said, a pathological liar. Her claim that WMD's were not the reason that we invaded Iraq is enough to prove that she could plead insanity if needed.

We know she's hateful and has absolutely no credibility, but the media continues to pay her absurd amounts of money to spew her quackery... and they should they know better... I'd like to think so, but just look at their standards.... Anna Nicole and Paris Hilton are perfect examples that their standards are far below newsworthy.

She does however, have the right to go on these networks, I mean... they invite her, and she has the right to say as many absurd things as she can to fit the segment.

As well, it is our right and our choice to not watch her- and to find better sources of news and political commentary.

Did you notice how Elizabeth's asking her to stop being personal turns into "she wants me to stop speaking" in two seconds flat?

Of course she turned it into "she wants me to stop speaking," because she knows she's incapable of speaking without including vile personal attacks. Over-the-top insults are to Coulter what that refreshing nitrogen/oxygen blend is to the rest of us.