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On UFOs, flossing and other sundries

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Our demographics survey is closed now, so you don't have to worry about more posts browbeating you into telling us about yourselves. And what a bunch of bananas we are! While the results confirmed some things that I had assumed, other items threw me for a loop. I have to point out though that the survey was self-selecting and only 79 people took the poll.

So let's get to the good stuff - what does this survey say the average bilerico reader is like? First, you're a little younger than I expected. The average age range was 21-34 (almost 40%). One really big surprise was how one gender dominates so easily - 67% of respondents were male. The political affiliation was not surprising though...


Other tidbits I found interesting:

  • Our readers tend to be well educated - 68% have graduated college or hold an advanced degree.
  • We are overwhelmingly Democratic (72.5%)
  • More Asians and Latinos read bilerico than African-Americans, but 88% of readers are white.
  • Religion is not a big part of our lives - "Atheist" (25%) and "Spiritual but not Religious" (22%) swept the categories. The largest denominations reported were Episcopal and Methodist. 57% reported they never went to religious services.
  • The top two favorite TV shows were The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report.
  • 90% of you have called or written a politician about our issues.
  • Over half of our readers still don't use the RSS feeds. Click the Subscribe button on the upper right. You'll be glad you did. RSS is your friend, people!
  • More than half don't floss regularly
  • While over half of you don't believe in tooth decay apparently, about the same amount doesn't believe in UFOs. Maybe I should do a post on how Martians are causing gingivitis.
  • And finally, 42% of you have shopped at Wal-Mart recently. Bad, bilerico-ians, bad! Wal-Mart is evil, I tell you!

You can check out the full results here. Anything else that you found interesting? Disagree with the results of some questions? The floor is yours...

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It's not surprising to me that the majority of Bilerico readers are men. The posts written daily are overwhelmingly authored by men and give (even though perhaps not consciously) specifically male perspectives on issues facing the LGBT community at large.

I wish there was a collected statistic on the sexuality demographics of the blog. To see the breakdown of how many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and maybe even (gasp) straight people! read the blog would be interesting.

I agree, Carrie. I'd love to see the sexuality breakdown myself... I'll put that up as a poll for Monday instead of an open thread.

As for women/men... You're right in that the majority of daily posts are written by men. From the beginning of our days as a group blog, I've tried to keep the mix pretty even. Currently, we have 8 females and 7 males if you count Marti and Mattilda as female. (I know personally that Marti presents as female, but I'm not sure with Mattilda. For quick math, I put her in the female column. If I have you listed incorrectly, Mattilda, feel free to correct me!) The big challenge has been that none of the female contributors have participated as regularly as Alex or I. Hopefully when we re-launch, we'll end up more evenly balanced.

It was a surprise for me though that we skewed so far male. It always seemed to me that the majority of commentors were female - although I never did the math to see if it was correct. But just to show you what I know, I thought the majority would believe in UFOs.

I do.

A. J. Lopp | June 7, 2007 3:12 PM

Bil, I believe in UFO's ...

I once saw a UFO and I tried to take several pictures of it. (Back in the old days with a camera that used film.) But when I had the pictures developed at the photo-mart, the UFO didn't show up in the pictures! It was like a vampire looking into a mirror!

So, now I wonder ... was that UFO full of undocumented aliens?

I wonder about that gender split, since a cursory glance at the comments, if you take out me and Bil and ignore most of Allen's comments (you know I love you!), are about evenly split, also if you assume that everyone is using a handle descriptive of their sex. I wonder if the fact that this survey was voluntary might have skewed it (the men who visited the blog might have been more likely to answer at all). I'm not saying the survey is wrong, but to be taken with a grain of salt since the participants chose themselves, and the total number was only a minority of the people who read the blog.

As Bil said, the contributors are about evenly divided, and I just looked at the list of contributors starting with the relaunch, and they're about evenly divided as well, with a strong trans constituency. But Bil and I will probably still end up writing a majority/plurality of the posts.

What bothers me is the lack of minority representation. That could again be part of the survey skew, but I don't know, that one I can feel in the comments.

It kinda bothers me, but then again I was brought up among white/anglo people, so it's really the same dynamic over again. :)

I should also add that using the comments as some sort of survey is just as much a self-chosen sample as the other survey, and perhaps women are more likely to leave comments. I don't know.

A point worth repeating - self-selecting. I can't believe that we skew so male-oriented though... Maybe I'll do two polls for Monday. *grins*