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Paris goes home

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The person who just so happens to encapsulate 95% of what's wrong with America, Paris Hilton, just played her get out of jail card.We learned she got out of jail for a medical condition earlier today, but TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Paris Hilton's medical condition was purely psychological and that she was in peril of having a nervous breakdown, and that's why she was released early this morning.

Psychiatrist Charles Sophy visited Hilton in jail yesterday and the day before. We're told after Sophy's visit yesterday, word was passed to the Sheriff that Hilton's mental state was fragile and she was at risk.

I'd say boo-frickin'-hoo about this, although on some level the doctor's right - prison does cause people to be distressed. But when we're picking out the person who was only there for five days and in a special wing set up for celebs in prison, I'd say that this isn't the starting point for a discussion of prison reform. It just goes to show that if you're rich enough in this country, you play by a different set of rules. It's a rigged game.

So a rich white woman breaks the law and gets out of jail for what amounts to "I didn't like it!" and the millions who are in overcrowded prisons, often unjustly because they can't afford the talented attorney Paris got (and don't tell me that this guy doesn't have some skills), raped and abused only to get out and be put back in prison, have to continue to put up with the system.

She still has to serve 45 days under house arrest. At least she won't be grand-marshalling any Pride parades this month.

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