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Paul Potts takes it all!

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Do you remember the British guy I posted about last week who shocked the judges of Britain's Got Talent with his opera singing? He showed up in a dumpy suit, said he was a cell phone salesman, and when he opened his mouth music flowed out like honey. His name is Paul Potts and he has, literally, taken England by storm.

Paul won the talent show and will perform in front of the Queen. Chalk one up for the little guy!

Can you imagine if any of the American Idol wannabes could sing like this? Taylor Hicks, anyone? Yeah, no comparison...

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concettaz | June 19, 2007 2:08 PM

Forget about who could SING like Paul - it's not just all about the voice on American Idol - it's much about how the contestant performs. (and for the record, I was blown away by Paul)
The bigger question, I think, is whether they would even consider an opera singer for the competition.
I've seen opera singers try out, and they won't even give them a second look. It's not part of our cultural heritage. An opera singer, no matter how talented, wouldn't advance past the first audition. Not what they're "looking for".
Quickly, how many famous American opera singers can you name?
(I'm Italian, and was brought up on opera .... )

Wow, Concettaz, good point. I can't think of ONE American opera singer. Does Sarah Brightman count?

Another problem Paul would have had on AI is his teeth. A large part of our show is based on looks over ability. Those teeth would have killed it for him. Sad, but true.

concettaz | June 19, 2007 5:12 PM

Sarah Brightman??
Born in UK in 1960. She had no mainstream exposure in the US until around 1998. That's 38 years.
She's definitely a British performer.
I'm not sure she's even lived in the US for any extended amount of time.

true, USA is obsessed with looks -
BUT people WILL overlook it if the talent is superb (and especially if their looks can be "worked on")
I'm thinking of Elliott Yamin last year, who had horrible teeth, but won over the nation. After the contest, he had a "makeover", with new teeth included. I'm also thinking of Clay Aiken, who underwent a drastic image change through the competition.
He's also had his teeth "done".
If looks WERE that important, these 2 would have never made it to the top 24, never mind the top 3.
And if the competition were skewed by looks, Kat would have taken it over Taylor (all personal preferences aside).

Now, if Paul were an American, his teeth would get fixed ASAP. I wonder how the Brits do it ....

I agree, Concettaz. An opera singer wouldn't have a chance on AI. Not because of looks, but because I don't think the American public would vote for an operatic singer even if he or she was the hand's down best on R&B, Disco, or Country night. As you said, it's not in our cultural idiom.

As to the American Opera Singer challenge?

I immediately thought of Leontyne Price, because I remembered her stint as a guest on The Muppet Show, of all things. Interestingly, she was born about five hours south of my Dad's hometown in Missippi.

good show, Mike!!

but you had some advantages in remembering Leontyne - being near your dad's hometown, and being a Sesame Street viewer!

Well, point taken - but you have to admit there aren't too many of them out there (especially in comparison with the "old country")

So much for diversity on American Idol!