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Pelosi in trouble? Rating for Congress same as Bush.

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What about the word CHANGE doesn't Pelosi and Reid understand?

Are we still in Iraq? Yep.

Do we have earmarks coming out our, well, ears? Yep.

Is the President still in office, unimpeached? Yeppers on that one too.

And the spin meisters like Rush Limbaugh eat it up and spew it back out for everyone to hear.

The people sent the Dems to Congress to get us out of Iraq. Congress passed a spending bill with deadlines in it, the people (as in We The People) were behind it and Bush vetoed it.

Reid and Pelosi, instead of standing their ground, they capitulated and put forth a bill they KNEW Bush would sign - a highly flawed bill that does not bring the troops home.

Reid and Pelosi got what they wanted, a VICTORY! But the bill they achieved victory with sucked. All they wanted was to pass a bill they knew the President would sign. They did not want to send him a bill that would be vetoed.

It would have been better not to send ANYTHING to Bush than send a bill to Bush that continues the war.

They just wanted something he would sign and they didn't give two shits if it was a good bill or not.

They didn't give two shits if the troops stay in Iraq with no end of the war in sight.

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Zach Adamson | June 16, 2007 10:00 PM

One thing that needs to be pointed out.. while congress indeed may have polling data that nears Bush.. I think anyway, what people mean is that they hate "other peoples reps". Meaning.. I think that most people are not displeased with their own reps in congress, they think that the failure is due to the rest of them being bums..