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Police sued for ignoring anti-gay hate crime

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Here's a story that's all too common for LGBTQueer people. From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

Four alleged victims in a suspected bias-motivated assault sued Rochester police and the Monroe County Sheriff's Office on Monday, claiming that responding officers showed "deliberate indifference" and mocked them with gay slurs.
Two groups of gay and straight people were attacked by the same group that night who witnesses say were yelling anti-gay epithets. But when they called the police:
Responding officers let the suspects go. Confrontations ensued between police and the alleged victims, however, during which the lawsuit claims two or more officers used gay slurs. Three of the alleged victims were arrested.
I suppose that the police is just protecting those citizens that it feels like protecting from violence. And suing the cops might make these victims feel better, which I'm not saying is a bad thing, but what will that do to prevent this from happening again? If they win, which will be hard to do since they'll have to go in front of judges who are picked because they blindly listen to whatever cops say, the department (read taxpayers) will just pay out a settlement and no one involved will get punished and nothing will change.

OK, it's things like this, when people are put in positions of power to do good and then turn around and do bad, that make me feel pretty damn hopeless.

If only there were some way to get the police to care about queer victims....

(h/t Towle Road)

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