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Presidential candidate Mike Gravel on being gay friendly

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The good folks at Queerty have landed one heckuva guest post. Presidential candidate Mike Gravel penned an entry for the site about why he is gay-friendly. This is a must-read post!

All my life I had been told that all gays were effeminate, silly creeps - but here was Vic- a big, tough, true-blue military type. How could he be gay? In that one moment I experienced a total reeducation. I thought about how horrible it must be for Vic to live in a society that constantly told him he was sick. I thought about the stupid jokes that we all made in the office. As I sat next to Vic in that bar, I pretended like nothing had changed, but in reality I felt a deep shame.
I often think about Vic when I talk about the injustice of Don't Ask. Here's a guy who was much more dedicated to the army than I was, but because he liked men, his life long military career has been in constant jeopardy. This is an outrage that the government has perpetrated for far too long on highly trained, committed gay and lesbian service people. We should be proud of their service and thankful for their sacrifice.

Gravel goes on to call for an immediate apology to LGBT service members and an end to Don't Ask Don't Tell. While I don't think he can win the nomination, I hope that between Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich, and now Mike Gravel, they can pull the party towards tolerance and justice at a national level. Perhaps Hillary and Obama can stop just providing some lip service and truly stand for our issues in a meaningful and forceful way. Of course, maybe Hillary will finally say she was wrong about Iraq and pigs will fly too... I'm still rooting for Bill Richardson!

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