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Qomics for Queers just might become obsolete if it weren't for intergenerational lovin'

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panel mt.JPGWhat a week! I'd imagine that I'd be blindfolded too if I'd been flying a plane and ducks attacked me on it. I knew these birds were striking after Sam here had their wetlands drained, but who knew that they'd get so violent?

Follow me after the jump for Opus, Mother Goose and Grimm, Beetle Bailey, Mary Worth, and Archie

Let's start with two actual queer references. This is Wednesday's Mother Goose and Grimm:
Grimmy looks rather smug there, and Attila's a little too upset. Something tells me that there's subtext at play here, but that's not the way MG&G works.

And last Sunday's Opus, which some people didn't like:
The joke's a bit old, but I'm thinking that it's new for a lot of comics readers.

Here's Friday's Mary Worth:
It's getting harder and harder to ignore Mary's veiled passes at the young Vera Shields. The Worthster's panel one comment sounds like something that I'd hear from a guy in a sex chat room when I'm blowing him off, and considering Mary's trying to get someone young enough to be her daughter to go to a pool party with her, I'm going to have to finally say that I think she's trying to get her paws into Vera's lavender pantsuit.

I feel so dirty.

Friday's Archie:
Panel one starts this Archie off on a promising note, and don't tell me you all weren't thinking "Mr. Lodge is a total perv." Panel two, though, is a let-down, although a teacher telling a group of high school boys to "STROKE! STROKE! STROKE!" has got to be worth something.

The oil slick in front of the boat, though, just confuses me.

And Beetle Bailey:
Is Killer really surprised? I mean, we're talking about the biggest 'mo on the funny pages, so we don't even need to read the answer to his question to know if they hired a female stripper.

It's good that Sarge came up with that creative excuse, though, because anyone who doesn't view women as property to be consumed isn't allowed in Camp Swampy.

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