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Qomics for Queers is basically an excuse for shameless self-promotion

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Many of you know that about two months ago I started a side project to my work here at Bilerico, Qomics for Queers. That's where I snark the funny pages and try to point out every queer reference and innuendo, and often I end up just making up queer backstory.

Yes, I keep a humor blog. In fact, when I first started blogging, I was doing the political humor thing exclusively before I started to integrate sincerity into my blogging.

Well, I'm supposed to be posting a weekly summary of QfQ here on Bilerico every Sunday. I've been so bad about that though that Bil emailed me last week and asked if I was over the queering the comics thing. "Nuh-uh!" I wrote back. "I'm putting up two to six posts a day over there!" Yeah, well I could be doing a little better in the self-promotion department. I've picked up quite a few readers over there and a couple of links from large humor and comics sites, and now I have a bunch of straight people reading about how Mary Worth is hitting on Vera Shields, how Candace might be the only For Better or for Worse character who can save Elizabeth from the arms of Anthony, and how Beetle and Sarge might have the longest-running unrequitted love story in the funny pages. That's all good, but I really should be keeping up here with the weekly QfQ posts so that I can get more links from LGBTQueer sites and more LGBTQueer readers, because when I'm writing up Rex Morgan's Manhunt profile, I have to stop and wonder if straight readers will have any clue what the joke is. And if I have to stop and think if Rex Morgan's Manhunt profile makes sense to straight people, then the terrorists have already won.

I put together a "best of the queerness" from the past several weeks at Qomics for Queers. There's lots of other content over there that will never make it here because it's just me pointing out bad artwork, working out confusing plotlines, and making fun of scientists who were attacked by ducks on a plane. I'll have this week's regular post up later this evening. Enjoy!

As usual, we've had a lot of fun with Beetle Bailey and its thinly veiled sexual relationship between Beetle and Sarge. These two can't stop thinking about their bedroom activities (from June 7):
I mean, I have a few gay couple friends where one boyfriend acts like Beetle and is always ready to deliver a zinger in public about the other's bedroom behavior, but, damn, Beetle's harsh.

And just to show that this isn't idle speculation about their relationship (actually, I have the best-documented history of their relationship on the internet), check out this Beetle Bailey from May 21:
If you were a Sergeant First Class, would you lend your car to a private under your command?

Would you lend your car to your significant other?

I rest my case.

Rex Morgan, the doctor with a penchant for petulance, has been someone I've had my eye on for a while. Check out how eager he is to get his wife June out of the house just after they find out that their friend's husband went missing (from June 9):
Considering he's right in front of his computer, I wouldn't be surprised if he were on Manhunt right now looking for a hook up.

Haha, I wonder what his description there is like. "41/5'11"/170#/brn/brn/6.5c doctor. Into making out/ws/jo/anal/light SM and other sane fun. Vers but prefer btm. Athletic and masculine and you be too. Be under 30. Nonsmoker and social drinker. Can host tonight only, DISCREET a must."

Hmmmm... thinking of Rex Morgan's online skin personal makes my soul feel dirty.

Now, for those of you who haven't been following For Better or for Worse, that soap strip will be ending this year and has been approaching its conclusion like a train runs into a buffalo. And the character caught in the crosshairs has been Elizabeth, who is oh so obviously slated to marry her bland, whiney high school friend Anthony, much to FBOFW's fans' chagrin. I've read a few essays, blog posts, and quite a few commenters on comics blogs bemoan her fate; I even read an entire essay that spelled out in no fewer than twenty paragraphs why the writer can't stand the idea of Elizabeth and Anthony marrying (I can't find a link right now - I read that several months ago). So I've been dreaming up the best scenario for Elizabeth to get out of marrying Anthony, and it involves her running away from her pushy parents with her kooky high school friend Candace who just showed up in FBOFW-ville for Shawna-Marie's wedding. Check out this one from June 5:
Is it just me, or does it really sound like Candace is about to ask Elizabeth to be her date to the wedding in panel one? And then in panels two through four Ellie Jr Elizabeth either just doesn't get it or pretends to not get it to avoid Candace propositioning her? And in panel five, the joke is that Candace sees through that, makes a veiled sarcastic criticism of the patriarchy involved in weddings that also works to cut through Elizabeth's excuses while the Patterson swoons?

But I'm not just following soaps on my other blog. Sometimes these cartoons just make it too easy. Like this Hagar the Horrible from June 6:
I wonder how many times Hagar's heard that before!

Oh! I'm here all night, folks! Catch the late-night edition with all new material!

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I had no idea FBOFW was ending this year. I've been under a rock! *gasp!* Actually, I just stopped reading a few years ago after the one kid came out.