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  • John Aravosis investigates Bill Clinton telling John Kerry to back the FMA in 2004:
    went back to both President Clinton's office and the Kerry-Edwards campaign official, asking them to reconcile the apparent discrepancy. Clinton's spokesman stands by his denial - to the best of his knowledge, it didn't happen. The senior Kerry-Edwards 2004 campaign staffer also stands by their statement that it did happen, noting that Clinton's denial was "typical Clintonian revisionism."
  • Anna Mills recounts the excitement of becoming a female drag queen:
    In college women's studies courses, it dawned on me that millions of women shared my alienation: If femininity was the uniform of slavery, then the fact that I recoiled from it showed my sanity. I soon noticed that I was attracted to women, and forthwith cut my hair, donned cargo pants, and moved to San Francisco. Yet femininity continued to fascinate me.
  • Stephen Benjamin argues for the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell:
    The result was the termination of our careers, and the loss to the military of two more Arabic translators. The 68 other -- heterosexual -- service members remained on active duty, despite many having committed violations far more egregious than ours; the Pentagon apparently doesn't consider hate speech, derogatory comments about women or sexual misconduct grounds for dismissal.
  • Michael Reynolds follows the money surrounding abstinence-only education:
    Over the past six years George W. Bush's faith-based Administration and a conservative Republican Congress transformed the small-time abstinence-only business into a billion-dollar industry. These dangerously ineffective sexual health enterprises flourish not because they spread "family values" but because of generous helpings of the same pork-heavy gumbo Bush & Co. brought to war-blighted Iraq and Katrina-hammered New Orleans--a mix of back-scratching cronyism, hefty partisan campaign donations, high-dollar lobbyists, a revolving door for political appointees and a lack of concern for results.
  • Bill in Portland, Maine, jokes around with surgeon general nominee James Holsinger:
    Can you cure me, Dr. Holsinger? Because everything I've tried so far hasn't worked. And believe me, I've thrown my swishy heart and soul into all the recommended therapies. First I tried convulsive shock treatment, but that just gave me a headache and blacked out the neighborhood. Then I enlisted a priest to help me pray. Which we did. Daily. Right after sex.

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