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Queer music all over

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Hypeful has put together some mp3's of (mostly white, male) queer musicians. Check it out, there are some old groups there and some new artists as well.

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Thanks for the linkage, Alex, and I hope you and your readers are enjoying the tracks! Additionally, any exclusion of gay artists of color was completely unintentional. (Although, I'd like to point out that Kele Okereke of Bloc Party is black, Mika is Lebanese, and Freddie Mercury of Queen was Indian.) Naturally, I'd love to hear/learn about more gay musicians who are non-white and/or female. Additionally, you may be interested in checking out a post I did today in honor of Black Music Month.

Hey, don't sweat it. The image of "queer", "gay", or "LGBT" as white and male is so powerful and ubiquitous and so often pushed by us queers that I really can't blame any straight person for buying into it (I'm assuming you're straight, I know). And I appreciate you putting together a post recognizing Pride Month.

I knew that the lead singer of Bloc Party was Black, but I didn't know anyone in the band was queer! I often post on queer music here and I'm always looking for artists that people didn't know about - and Bloc Party's currently in my MP3 player. You can check out my other posts on queer music by clicking on the "music and artists" category to the right.

And there are some great lesbian artists out there too, like the Indigo Girls, Mirah, and Dusty Springfield, and some great trans artists like Dana International.