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Queer music Friday - Savage Garden

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You might remember Savage Garden as that one aggressively heterosexual Australian disco/rock band with the lead singer who came out years after they were famous, but I'll always remember them as that one aggressively heterosexual Australian disco/rock band with a lead singer who came out years after they were famous and couldn't lip-synch or act at all. Searching through their videos brought back some memories, since this song was a radio hit back when I had my first junior high crush. (Hi John!)

Here's the weird original music video for To the Moon and Back:

And Darren Hayes, in his own words for Who, on being a famous closet case:

I definitely copped a lot of flak over the years when people would ask about my sexuality and the truth is that I was still working it out. So I never ever lied about it, I remember just thinking I don't know. I left my first marriage because I thought that I was gay but I didn't want to be. I'd never lied about my sexuality, but I'd also never made a declaration about it partly because I think we give gay people such a hard time about fitting into society's little boxes. In many ways, I know for me as a young kid, it took me a long time to realize who I was, because the things that were important to me were denied to gay people. For example, the idea of having kids and getting married. And I think very subconsciously I really delayed my development in that area because I didn't want to be the cliché that is reported to us.

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