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[UPDATE] Now that the show is over, you can listen to the Meet the Bloggers podcast here. I think it went pretty well. Joh made a great host and Liss, as always, was erudite and amusing as a fellow panelist. Pam's interview was a good one too! My favorite part was the Republican caller who was running for office in Georgia.

From blogger Joh Padgett on the Blue Indiana site:

Today is the big day here at Blue Indiana, the day we launch Meet the Bloggers on Blog Talk Radio. The show will stream live from the BTR website at 12 noon Eastern/9 am Pacific and will be posted in the podcasts section of iTunes approximately 15 minutes to half an hour after the live show airs. You can subscribe to our podcast feed on our Meet the Bloggers page on the BTR site as well...

My first show features an interview with Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend, followed by a panel discussion with my guests, Blue Indiana's own Bil Browning of and Shakes herself, Melissa McEwan of Shakesville. I'm looking forward to this first show and I hope you all will join us for the discussion. We will be taking live callers in the last part of the hour so feel free to call in. The number to call in to is located on my host page at BTR.

I am dedicating this first show to the memory of Steve Gilliard, the intrepid author of The News Blog who died yesterday morning after a sudden heart related illness. He had spent several weeks in intensive care and this news has shocked and saddened the entire blog community. My heart goes out to his friends and family, as well as to his readers. I was a daily reader of The News Blog and I will sorely miss Steve's insight on everything from the crimes of the Cheney Administration to gourmet cooking. May he rest in peace.

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I get that that was the first Meet The Bloggers, but will it always sound like an 11th-grader in his mom's basement interviewing angry, smartier-than-thou people laughing at their own jokes?