July 18, 2007

Late night Wednesday question

Filed by Alex Blaze | July 18, 2007 | 11:59 PM | comments

Or a Thursday morning question, depending on when you visit the site. We tried this one a while ago and I got some good ideas, so we'll try again with a somewhat new crowd: What's your favorite mixed drink? Recipes...Read More

FlavaWorks is trying to shut down Black LGBT bloggers with a lawsuit

Filed by Alex Blaze | July 18, 2007 | 4:16 PM | comments

This news comes from Jasmyne Cannick: A couple of weeks ago I was notified by mail that Flavaworks owner Phillip Bleicher was suing mwah for libel to the tune of $250,000. Good luck. I have a hard time getting $2.50...Read More

Hate crimes bill stalls in the Senate

Filed by Bil Browning | July 18, 2007 | 3:22 PM | comments

Fresh in from the Human Rights Campaign's legislative director: The 60 vote threshold needed to move to consider the Levin-Reed Iraq amendment to the FY 08 Department of Defense Authorization bill was not reached. After the vote, Majority Leader Reid...Read More

Kenn's site is down

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Yesterday I responded to one of Kenn Gividen's homophobic rants on his blog. He responded to my post later that night, and I copied it to the comments section of that same post here at TBP. Well, I just went...Read More

Screw the people - let's bash some gays

Filed by Bil Browning | July 18, 2007 | 1:38 PM | comments

So what's this I'm hearing through the grapevine? No sources will go on record to confirm this, but it seems that property taxes aren't the only subject of conversation for Indiana state lawmakers right now. (For those who don't know,...Read More

Highest court rules against HK sodomy law

Filed by Alex Blaze | July 18, 2007 | 1:35 PM | comments

From the AP: Hong Kong's top court rejected a ban Tuesday on public gay sodomy, another victory for the Chinese territory's gay rights movement. This started with a case of two guys caught having sex in their car, which, strangely...Read More

Phelps and the new monument

Filed by Alex Blaze | July 18, 2007 | 1:12 PM | comments

Fred Phelps is trying to get a monument built to Matthew Shepard's death in Casper, WY: In response to Casper's new historical monument plaza, an anti-gay pastor in Kansas has renewed his request to have his own monument in town....Read More

Is Beyonce a Robo-Ho?!

Filed by Michael Buckley | July 18, 2007 | 8:31 AM | comments

So Hilary Duff Thinks She Can Dance! Beyonce is a Robo-HO?!...Read More


Homotextual: H.L. Mencken

Filed by Ed Team | July 18, 2007 | 7:51 AM | comments

"The urge to save humanity is often a false front for the urge to rule." -- American writer H.L. Mencken...Read More

YGST: Rev. Reggie Longcrier

Filed by Alex Blaze | July 18, 2007 | 6:47 AM | comments

The Rev. Reggie Longcrier on Mr. John Edwards...Read More

Does this lead to minty fresh breath?

Filed by Storm Bear | July 18, 2007 | 5:30 AM | comments

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