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A national underground network of lawless gay people performing random violence to hurt people for no reason!

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Mr. Propagandist can't stay away from making ridiculous claims, this time about roving bands of lesbian gangs (BTW the cop is being paid by Fox News):

The Southern Poverty Law Center is already all over this one:

Sgt. Brett Parson, a member and former commander of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department's Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit, also questioned Wheeler's numbers. "We have 150 to 175 total gangs in the D.C. area, and out of those only nine where the predominance of members are female," he said. "You simply can't make the jump that they are lesbians. I think it is fair to talk about violence and female gangs. But to sensationalize or marginalize a community by making a statement like that seems irresponsible."

But Fox and Wheeler are sticking with their story:

Confronted by the Intelligence Report, Wheeler was unable, in several phone and E-mail exchanges over a two-day period, to specify a single law enforcement agency or officer, police report, media account or any other source he relied upon for his D.C. area lesbian gangs claim. But he insisted that his report was accurate and that any law enforcement officer who disagrees is "out of touch." "For some reason or other, these organizations don't lay it on the line because they don't know what is going on on the streets," said Wheeler. "This is a serious crisis and the so-called experts are missing it."

Well, talk about your threat construction. Just in case you weren't already worried about the queers destroying your marriage, turning your kids gay, and sexually assaulting you, now you can worry about gangs of lesbians committing random violence.

The only specific incident O'Reilly and Wheeler discussed was that of Wayne Buckle, who wasn't some straight man minding his own business when he was attacked by a lesbian gang as Fox portrayed:

Police said the women whipped Wayne Buckle, 28, with belts; the subject of his attentions, Patreese Johnson, 19, then stabbed him repeatedly with a steak knife, the Daily News said.

One of the women yelled "She's my girl, and no one hits on my girl!" during the incident, a police source told the paper.

"He made the mistake of spitting at one of them," Diego Rodriguez, who works at a nearby newsstand and called 911, told the paper. "They beat him up bad with belts, kicked and punched him."

Later, at the police station house, where the seven suspects, ranging in age from 18 to 31, were charged with gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon, another woman told the Daily News that Buckle "called us [homophobic slur] and he said he was going to f--- us all."

Said another: "He spit on us and threw a cigarette. This is a hate crime."

The force they used was excessive to that one incident, but it's pretty clear that they weren't just responding to Buckle's violence against them, but an entire patriarchal system that assumes that women, especially sexual and racial minority women, were made solely for the sexual pleasure of men. So to portray the few women who stand up against this violently as irrational is really to reject any legitimate claim to self-defense by women and to reject, by extension, any legitimate claim by those of us who don't want to participate in the heteropatriarchy to sexual autonomy. (I understand that they were excessively violent in this case, but the violence of the Iraq War doesn't seem to make criticisms of non-democratic regimes as a whole illegitimate.) And one has to wonder if the whole point of this shtick isn't just to respond to the Wayne Buckle incident.

So, yes, I'm calling Bill O'Reilly sexist and homophobic. That's a fresh take, I know.

At least he made Keith Olbermann's World's Worst list twice in the same day because of this:

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