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And just after I post about Rod Wheeler...

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And a couple of hours after I posted on Bill O'Reilly and Rod Wheeler lying about lesbian gangs, an apology appears on Wheeler's website:

During the O'Reilly Factor segment on June 21st, while engaged in a discussion on Lesbian gangs, I inadvertently stated that gang members carry pistols that are painted pink and call themselves the "Pink Pistol Packing Group." I was not referring to the gay rights group "Pink Pistols" who advocates for the lawful rights of gays to carry weapons for protection. Further, I mentioned that there are "over 150 of these gangs" in the greater Washington DC area.

What I actually meant is that there are over 150 gangs in the Washington DC area, some of which are in fact lesbian gangs. Lastly, I mentioned in the segment that there is this "national epidemic" of lesbian gangs. A better choice of words would have been to say that there is a growing concern nationally, and especially in major urban areas, of increased gang activity, which includes some lesbian gang activity.

I apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused.


Rod Wheeler

So let's see, he lied on a very public forum, lied big time and several times, and now he's put up an apology and retraction on his website that no one reads. Mm-hmm.

Especially since the "misunderstanding" was obviously intentional and he's standing by the majority of what he said.

Since he was paid by Fox News to present the misinformation there, I'm going to hold out and wait for them to run a full retraction. Of course, if they did something like that, that would actually be news.

(h/t Queerty)

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Jen Jorczak | July 10, 2007 4:08 PM

Thanks for the update, Alex--let us know when O'Reilly broadcasts his mea culpa. (But I won't hold my breath--it's more likely he'll now do a segment about how one of the lesbian gangs must be intimidating Wheeler into retracting his statement.)

Kevin Lahti | July 11, 2007 3:14 AM

A growing concern across the nation.. is that so.. because frankly, I've never heard it, and for a growing concern surely other news networks would inform me.. say.. CNN, NBC, ABC, or how about the BBC... none of them really had anything to say about it..

I guess my point is.. should we really be surprised by Bill O'Reilly at this point, I mean hes the same guy who said that CNN and NBC were helping the terrorists by reporting and this was the kicker, because they were covering the War in Iraq and showing footage of attacks..

I have to say, if that's -real- hatemail he links to from his page I'm appalled with the writer for blatant racism.