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Anti-gay hate crimes on the rise in the Netherlands

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From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

The homosexual interest group COC is also sounding the alarm. It says that "old-fashioned queer-bashing" is back. The Amsterdam police have also observed an increase in the number of reports of violence against homosexuals. In the first half of this year a special phone line received 17 reported cases, a higher figure than for the whole of 2006. It is possible that the number of reports has also increased as awareness of the phone line has grown, but Elly Lust of the Amsterdam police thinks there is more to it than this alone[....]

And although Officer Lust emphasises that although people with a purely Dutch background also harass homosexuals, most of those responsible are Moroccan.

"Expert on gay issues and authority on the Amsterdam Arab gay scene" Rauf Moussad says the increase in violence is due in part to a rise in racism in the Netherlands:

They speak Dutch and they're getting qualifications, but they aren't part of Dutch society. Yes, with all due respect, they get jobs at supermarket checkouts. But the media is white and all the other prestigious professions are dominated by people with an ethnic Dutch background.

That's not all too hard to believe, considering:

One in 10 Dutch people are racist. They feel superior to immigrants and believe Dutch people should not mix with other nationalities, according to a new survey. A quarter of the Dutch public is very negative about immigrants in general, consultancy Motivaction said. It questioned 1020 people for the survey. Ten percent of the respondents openly supported racist ideals, including the idea that Dutch people are more intelligent than immigrants. Half of the people questioned expressed an aversion to Muslims and expressed fear about this group's influence on Dutch society. Some 43 percent said Islam is not for peace and almost two thirds said the religion is incompatible with modern society in Europe.

Inclusion is as inclusion does, and we can't just sit around calling for gay rights without realizing that hate crimes are often misdirected acts of disempowerment.

(h/t Queerty)

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