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AOL sucks

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Dinesh D'Souza has never been able to stand the gays, but I don't think that his assumption that gays are the proper recipients of violence was ever as apparent as in this post at AOL's NewsBloggers:

Putting on my Clausewitz hat, I've been thinking about how this strategy could be employed by the American military. Should the United States army set up gay platoons, where camaraderie is based not on team loyalty and male friendship but rather on sexual partnering among veteran soldiers and new recruits? I mentioned this to a friend in the armed forces and he could only forsee one benefit. He noted that if the American military gets soundly whipped in a future engagement, we could always laugh off the defeat and say, 'Well, yeah, but you only beat a bunch of gays."

AOL sucks big time.

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I have always refrained from calling "gay=pedophilia" bigotry a "blood libel," out of respect for Jews and the original Blood Libel.

No longer. There are too many bigots spewing too many lies and too much hate. "Blood libel" it is.

I can remember when D'Souza was an up-and-coming young conservative intellectual. Too bad he flamed out so embarrassingly.

I actually like AOL a lot, but there are some things missing. For example, when I try to press the "unsend" button, it always says that you can't recall the email that you sent if the other person has already read it. Many times, the person has not read it. Plus, it would be nice to take it back even if they had.
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