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Because women aren't pretty without Photoshop

Filed By Bil Browning | July 20, 2007 1:01 PM | comments

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Oh, Photoshop - the advertising world's best friend. Where would American life be without the re-touched, flaw free and completely unrealistic tweaks to our collective consumption of celebrities? While I posted a video a while back that shows you just how dramatic Photoshop can affect our ideas of beauty and body image, another blatant example has been popping up all over the web. You have to see Faith Hill's Redbook cover - she went from beautiful to soulless. (See after the jump for the before and after photos.)

I have so much to say about this, but I think Shakes says it succinctly and matter-of-factly enough for everyone:

...please promise you will never, ever, feel shitty about yourselves again because of this shit. I beg you.

redbookcoveranime0707.gif (Click to embiggen)

Personally, I liked her better as a human than as a supermodel droid...

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A. J. Lopp | July 20, 2007 1:59 PM

"Embiggen"? ... Is that a real word? If the word "enlarge" is too boring, maybe we can resurrect that late-60's expression "blow-up"? "Click on the photo for a blow-up" ... Hmmm, not bad ... Even better: "Click the pic to blow it up" ... now that does have a relevant double-meaning, seeing that Bil, apparently, would like to poke a lighted stick of dynamite into an intimate spot on the PC "artist" that wielded those oh-so-marketable PhotoShop skills on unsuspecting Mrs. McGraw ...

... but I'm on a dial-up line, ain't got no time for me to play around emblowupen Redbook covers ... Bil, did you ever see the movie, "The Stepford Wives"? ... That's the ultimate destination as our world prances down the process-perfected, Pollyanna-esque, petunia'ed, primrose PhotoShop path.

Just think how perfect our world will be when the genetic engineers get their own version of PhotoShop. We will all look like the Bilerico "Real Jock" ads.

"Embiggen"? ... Is that a real word?

Yes, it's a perfectly cromulent word.

That said, this is an abuse of Photoshop. It should be used for adding humorous captions to pictures of cats, not covering up the humanity of a human being.

A. J. Lopp | July 21, 2007 2:47 PM

Ah! One visit to Wiktionary and my intellect is instantly embiggened. Cromulent! Absolutely cromulent!